Close to Putin’s popular front organizations have received from the budget of almost 300 million rubles.

Non-profit organization associated with the popular front movements, and even individual projects to the Front to receive government funding, showed an investigation about the expenses and income of the presidential movement. The money organizations receive annual grants from the President to support the non-profit sector.

Several million over the 2015 presidential grants received three funds that are named the same as the centers onf: “people’s expertise”, “For the rights of borrowers” and the national centre for monitoring technological modernization and technological development. All three NGOs led by heads of projects onf: Nikolay Nikolaev, Anna Zaborenko and Yevgeni Lazarev.

Close to the front source assured that, for example, the “people’s expertise” actually only works on the Front and is engaged in its projects. But the representative of the popular front in the comments noted that the Front does not receive presidential grants, “these NGOs cooperate with the front, but they have their own goals, objectives, areas of work that are not related to our activities”.

In addition to grants, funds allocated to the project leaders of the popular front, more than a hundred grants totaling $ 281,3 million rubles in 2015 have been allocated to NGOs, the heads of which — the experts, the co-chairs, members of the Central and regional headquarters of the popular front. For example, 8 million rubles were allocated another NCO Nikolaev “Single society” and NGOs as his Deputy in the center onf the “people’s examination” Tatyana Mironova. Won by 9.5 million rubles. grants from the President of the Health Fund, and chaired by a member of the Central staff of onf Eduard Gavrilov.

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Onf is actively involved in many projects on grants from the President, often positioning them as their own initiatives. For example, Pskov movement “Dead road” state Duma Deputy Alexander Vasiliev in 2014-2015 rode in a car expedition across Russia: the participants noted potholes and emergency dangerous areas. In the media and on its website, the expedition was called “the onf project”. The front, according to the MP, really expedition “actively supported, including on the ground.” In particular, he helped with housing.

According to estimates , in the end close to the Front of the organization received only in 2015 290,7 million rbl. of grants from the President (and all of them were for the year distributed more than 4.2 billion roubles).

“We can assume that if you’re near the front, you’ll have a presidential grant. Nothing of the sort! In onf is working to identify active people and projects, and they just are attracted here by yourself,” said Nikolayev of “national expertise”.