Defendant U.S. participation in the spy network employee VEB pleaded guilty

Russian citizen Yevgeny Buryakov, who is accused by U.S. authorities of involvement in the spy network, which covered his work in Vnesheconombank (VEB) in new York, pleaded guilty to conspiracy. According to the American investigation, Buryakov was to gather economic and other intelligence information.

As reported by Reuters, Buryakov admitted guilt in Federal court in Manhattan. He agreed that under the guise of banking activities collected economic data, which handed the intelligence services of Russia. Thus he acknowledged himself a foreign agent, acting in violation of U.S. law.

That Buryakov pleads guilty, Reuters reported earlier Friday.

40-year-old representative of Vnesheconombank in the USA Yevgeny Buryakov detained in new York in late January 2015. According to the American investigators, Buryakov worked together with two of his fellow citizens Igor Sporyshev and Viktor Such that he held the post of trade representative of Russia in new York attaché permanent mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations. Sporyshev and the Like were charged in absentia, as he had already left the USA.

According to the prosecution, since 2012 Buryakov acted as the agent of service of external investigation of Russia (SVR) and were in the U.S. “under cover” employee of the Bank. His task was to gather information on potential U.S. sanctions against Russian banks, as well as recruitment agents, told the media. Buryakov himself denied the charges.

WEBB acknowledged that Buryakov is his employee. The press service of the Bank reported that he works as the Deputy representative of the Bank in the United States.

The Russian foreign Ministry called the arrest of Buryakov manifestation of the hostile policy of Washington.