Deputies proposed to penalize athletes for doping

The penalty and disqualification

In Duma Committee on physical culture and sport will develop a draft law on bringing athletes to administrative responsibility for drug use. About this at the meeting of the expert Council under the state Duma Committee Chairman of Committee Dmitry Svishchev.

The MST has supported it: according to the Deputy Minister of sports Natalia Parshikova, it’s going to be fined in the amount from 30 to 50 thousand rbl. the same is proposed to introduce fines for falsification of the results of doping control, distribution of doping drugs and aiding in distribution, said the Advisor to the Minister of sport Natalia Galanova.

Need to strengthen administrative liability and impose sanctions in relation to athletes, Parshikova said. According to her, this issue must be brought to the state, since at the moment only punish athletes sporting organisations themselves.

In addition to fines, the anti-Doping organization automatically disqualify any personnel, if found guilty. As explained Svishchev, the bill is still a work in progress but will be submitted to the state Duma in the near future.

Discussion of anti-doping legislation was resumed after several Russian athletes, including the national star of women’s tennis Maria Sharapova, in the beginning of March caught using banned drug of Meldonium. He appeared in the list of prohibited substances from the world anti-doping Agency WADA 1 January 2016.

Before the change of legislation regarding the use of doping with the core Committee discussed the sports Minister, Vitaly Mutko, told Parshikova.

The criminal is not necessary

Now the law provides liability only for a trainer or a doctor for abetment to doping. PT.6.18 of the administrative code “violation of the legislation on physical culture and sport requirements on prevention of doping in sport and combat it” provides responsibility in the form disqualification from one to two years. If the same actions committed against a minor athlete, disqualified for up to three years.

The basis of the new bill are past initiatives that for many years was made by deputies, said earlier the fistula.

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At the end of last year United Russia Ildar Gilmutdinov submitted to the state Duma a bill on criminal liability for inducing a trainer or doctor athletes for doping (the penalty to 500 thousand rubles). It was also proposed to establish criminal responsibility for the cheating athlete’s coach or doctor, expressed in the transmission of the first “substances prohibited from use in sports” (a fine of up to RUB 2 million). Profile Committee of the Duma recommended the author to modify the text, but the government, according to the MP, sent a negative review, and the Deputy withdrew the bill on March 9.

At the meeting on Friday Gilmutdinov stressed that he was not suggesting criminal liability for athletes. Perhaps, and administrative responsibility for them is not needed, he said, because “disqualification and so stops the career of the athlete and deprives him of everything.”

Parshikova noted that Russia is one of the strongest laws on anti-doping. She noted that under the Criminal code a significant part of the doping means is included in the list of prohibited substances. While the athletes on their use do not fall. Therefore, as noted Parshikova, administrative responsibility is enough. The Svishchev said he believes the proposed administrative action soft.