Double-Decker trains will carry passengers from Moscow to Adler and Voronezh

YEKATERINBURG, March 11. “Federal passenger company” (FPC, a subsidiary of JSC “RZD”) start 74 duplex carriage on routes from Moscow to Adler, Voronezh and St. Petersburg. This was reported today to journalists in Ekaterinburg the General Director FPK Peter Ivanov.

“Program of purchase of bi-level railcars has already been approved. 74 we will buy such cars. In particular, we run trains on the route Moscow – Voronezh and Moscow – Adler. In February, is already running a service between Moscow and St. Petersburg”, – said Ivanov.

According to him, to run a two-level cars in other regions is not possible for a number of reasons, including those related to passenger traffic.

“Federal passenger company” provides services on transportation of passengers and cargo by rail in the distant message.