FAS approved the purchase “a daughter” “the Megaphone” 90% operator affiliate with Yota

MOSCOW, March 10. The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of Russia approved the acquisition of a telecommunications company Netbynet (“a daughter” “the Megaphone”) 90% of the Telecom operator “Exponet”, said the Minister.

The company “Exponet” according to base “SPARK”, before the deal was part of a holding company Expatel, which is engaged in the construction and operation of communication networks. There was also and the company “Skartel Ed”, engaged in the construction of networks and eliminated in 2014, General Director of “Skartel Red” at the time of its founding was the former Deputy Minister of communications of the Russian Federation Denis Sverdlov, who is known as first Director of “Skartel” (brand Yota). “Scartel Ed” was registered at the same address as the operator “Skartel”.

MegaFon buy Scartel in October 2013 the holding company Garsdale for approximately $1.2 billion At the end of 2015, the main owner of MegaFon, Alisher Usmanov has declared that the merger of MegaFon and Yota can happen in the next 2 years. However, in Yota explained that according to the development strategy of the group “the Megaphone” these brands will be developed separately.

The operator “Exponet” provides services only to legal persons, said the company. Among the clients of the operator – retailer “Magnit”, the Sukhoi aircraft manufacturer, the insurance company “Consent” and oil company “Tatneft”. “Exponet” also cooperates in the construction of networks with major operators, Vimpelcom and Rostelecom. The company’s revenue in 2015 amounted to 50 million rubles.

“Decision FAS does not mean the purchase of the asset,” – said the press service of “daughters” “the Megaphone”. “Netbynet closely monitoring the market and considering various options to strengthen its positions in the regions”, – stressed in the company.

Netbynet since 2011 is owned by MegaFon and is a major asset in the field of broadband access. Subscriber base Telecom operator is about 853 thousand customers. The company operates in more than 80 cities and towns 7 Federal districts of the Russian Federation, including in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Murmansk and Rostov-on-don. Telecom service provider provides Wi-Fi in the Moscow ground transport.