Got beaten in Ingushetia, journalists and human rights defenders stole the technique

Investigators found in a burned out bus of the computers and cameras of journalists, told the correspondent of “media zones” Egor Skovoroda. He believes that electronics could not fully burn and, most likely, was stolen during the attack on 9 March.

The representative of the Committee for the prevention of torture Dmitry Utoken confirmed that in the bus the police found no traces of burned vehicles. Also could not find the keys of the press Secretary on human rights defenders Ivan Zhiltsov, which lay in a bag inside the car. “It is obvious that the combustion temperature was not so high that it’s all melted,” said Utoken.

He said that on March 9 unidentified people breaking into the apartment of the Committee in the Ingush village of Yandare, are unable to cope with the door and got into the room through the balcony. The office was not crushed, but it made all the techniques. According to Tokina, computers, printers, and other devices put in bags and taken away, and one bag Snatchers forgot. “Disappeared, even the multi-function device, which weighs about 10 kg. No idea how they through a balcony dragged,” said Utoken. He noted that the remaining intact two laptops were later seized by the police for investigative action. On the issue of human rights defenders, why it is done, law enforcement officials replied that “we have to see what you have there.”

Ivan the Residents told to “Mediazone”, March 11, someone attempted to hack his email account on Gmail. He is sure that unknown people do it with his stolen laptop.

Utoken in conversation with noted that human rights defenders will be able to restore all information that was on the missing computers. According to him, the data that was stored on the devices is also transmitted to law enforcement agencies investigating criminal cases concerning torture. “Any sensation or some unique information there,” said Utoken.

In the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ingushetia has not responded to an inquiry sent on March 10. In a press-Department service calls are also not answered.

On 10 March the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ingushetia was taken under gothamite journalists injured in the attack, and witnesses in the case. They have been allocated security. Commissioner for human rights in Ingushetia Dzhambulat Ozdoev told the “Caucasian knot” that was made at the request of one of the victims, a Swedish journalist Maria Persson Lofgren. Since gothamite provide Ingush police, when the victims leave the country and go home, guards would be withdrawn, said Utoken.

The attack on journalists and human rights defenders occurred on the evening of 9 March on the Federal highway “Kavkaz” near the border with Chechnya. Unknown attacked a bus in which there were eight people: the staff of the Committee for the prevention of torture, the correspondent of magazine The New Times, the Internet-editions “the Media”, as well as reporters from Sweden and Norway. The attackers beat up everyone who was in the car, the car burned, then fled to Chechnya.

Three hours after the incident unknown people tried to penetrate into the headquarters of the human rights defenders of the joint mobile group of the Committee for the prevention of torture in the Ingush village of Yandare. According to Tokina, armed men came to the office on five machines, one of them turned off the surveillance camera installed at the entrance, three others, according to him, climbed into the room through the window.

“People in camouflage uniforms and masks, armed with automatic weapons,” described the attackers Utoken, noting that they were “professionally equipped”. According to the lawyer, unknown tried to knock a metal door. In conversation with Utoken specified that the apartment was used, it only rested members of the Committee. The existence of this office defenders have tried to keep secret. The main work was carried out in Grozny, as a staging post in the Ingush village was organized after the pogrom in the Grozny office in June 2015.

After the attack on journalists the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ingushetia has instituted a criminal case on part 2 article 213 of the criminal code (hooliganism) and article 167 of the criminal code (deliberate destruction of property). In connection with the attempt to open the apartment of human rights defenders the criminal case opened was not.

On March 10, President Vladimir Putin instructed the interior Ministry to clarify the circumstances of attacks on journalists and human rights defenders on their way to Chechnya.