Media: Aeroflot takes delivery of 23 aircraft

Media: Aeroflot takes delivery of 23 aircraft

MOSCOW, March 11. Within 2015, “Aeroflot” has agreed that the supply of twenty Boeing 787 will be in 2017-2019 years, Boeing 777 – in 2017, twenty-one Airbus 320 and A321 twelve – in 2017-2018, in 2014 the beginning of all deliveries scheduled for 2016, the company reports. Due to the slowdown in growth requires stronger push back delivery times, “Vedomosti” reports with reference to the updated strategy of “Aeroflot”: ten A320 and six A321 is better to obtain only in 2019-2020, the delivery of seven Boeing 737 aircraft should be transferred from 2017-2018 to 2019-2020

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The top Manager of the leasing company said that Airbus and Boeing large customers (which include “Aeroflot”) the postponement without penalty, if requested for 18 or even 12 months. “The manufacturers will give the aircraft another airline, but about a year before delivery begins construction of aircraft for a particular airline (for example, the arrangement and type of Seating, type of cuisine), ordered components, if it blows a timing less than a year, it would have to pay for the reconfiguration, it may cost $0.5 to 1 million for narrow-body aircraft (B737, A320 and 321),” explains the source. Thus, in order not to be fined, to agree on the transfer from 2017-2018 to be right now, said a person close to “to Aeroflot”.

“The postponement of delivery is absolutely justified. With the current exchange rate of the ruble lease payments for the new vessels, denominated in dollars, will be huge ballast, and at a relatively low price of kerosene higher fuel efficiency can’t compensate for,” says the head of analytical Department of Agency “AviaPort” Oleg Panteleev. Airbus and Boeing form the portfolios for the years ahead, the global air transport market grows, they can easily find aircraft for new customers, he adds.

In 2015, Boeing has set 762, and its portfolio of firm orders on the results achieved 5795 courts, indicators and Airbus respectively 635 6787 courts. At the end of 2015 in the Park of “Aeroflot” and its subsidiaries there were 258 aircraft, the fleet grew by one ship – for the year the group obtained 27 and withdrawn from circulation 26 ships. In 2016 the group plans to obtain and display 62 24 aircraft.