Media: the Central Bank ordered banks to begin by July 1, work with the map “World”

MOSCOW, March 11. CBR hastens the transition of the National system of payment cards on full view.

Banks are subject to strict deadlines for completion of all the preparatory work to accept cards now accepted in all banks, retail outlets and to make them available for all state employees credit organizations must start from 1 July.

According to “Kommersant”, such requirement contains in the letter “On the implementation of the requirements of law 161-FZ (“On the national payment system”)”signed by the first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank George Luntovskii.

In a letter to the Central Bank reminds banks to comply with the law, namely – to accept the cards “the World” all outlets within their acquiring the service, and to issue such cards to clients when they receive payments from the funds of budgets and state extra-budgetary funds. Plans issue for 2016 should be submitted to the Central Bank. To report to the regulator before March 15.

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Thus, the newspaper notes, it is important not even the fact that the Central Bank wants to understand the degree of readiness of banks to the National payment card system (NPCs), and the fact that in the letter, the Bank of Russia, in fact, has set the ultimate date of this alert: 1 July. Still the exact date of neither the law, nor from the words of the representatives of the Central Bank and nvqs has been established.

The Central Bank did not specify what has caused the appearance of such a letter. It said only that “the Bank of Russia and the NPCs are working with banks to ensure availability of infrastructure for card acceptance “World”, and also in respect of issue of such cards to customers of the budgetary sphere”.

Haste the plan was not

To new hard part of the transition to full-time work in the NPCs were ready not all. Most bankers in an informal conversation noted that such haste in their plans was not included. In a number of banks noted that he planned to solve the problem of acquiring only at the end of the year so far, a mandatory date was called.

“Need in a hurry no – service Visa and MasterCard are already closed for Russian NPCs processing, risk off is not, and the demand for the card “the World”, particularly among the clients of private banks, while also not observed, so concentrate on receiving the national map does not make sense,” said the newspaper’s source in one of banks the top-15.

Individual issues of the Central Bank’s letter had caused those banks that do not serve state employees, but must provide a plan to issue cards of “Peace” now. “Of course, the production and maintenance of the national payment product needs to be a priority for card market, but many banks at the end of last year made their plans based on their own situation with income and workload of staff, and to review these plans to catch up to July 1, can not all”,- said the head of NP PS Alma Obaev.