Pension funds the group BIN received almost 2 million new customers

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surveyed 15 of the largest pension funds (by volume of pension savings), how much they were able to attract new customers in the framework of transition campaign in 2015. Half of the respondents funds was provided preliminary data that they received from the FIU. The official representative of the FIU Marita Nagoga confirmed that the FIU was transferred to private funds pre-registers new customers.

The obtained data showed that most clients in the past year attracted pension funds of the group BIN. Five funds shishkhanova and Mikail Gutseriev brothers — European pension Fund, Trust, purchase specialized transport (formerly “Raiffeisen”), “Education and science” and IET — attracted 1.8 million new customers, said the representative of the retirement group BIN Ekaterina Moiseeva. Earlier she said that only citizens filed a 2.2 million of their funds, that is, the RPF has been endorsed by more than 80% of applications. Pension funds group attracted clients not only through the offices and representatives of pension funds, but also through the affiliate network — Bank (more than ten banks) and reteylovaya, added Moses. If the final results of transition campaign will coincide with the prior, the number of clients of the group will grow to 3.7 million people.

The BIN group has overtaken the number of attracted clients last year the leader of the NPF of Sberbank, which will go to 1.4 million customers, said the head of Sberbank NPF Galina Morozova. It had said that the citizens gave 4.2 million of the Fund. That is, the FIU has approved less than 40% of applications.

According to Morozova, a high percentage of rejections from the FIUs is that many people, writing a statement to the Fund, not carried in the PFR. Those 1.4 million new customers, whose savings will translate FIU in the NPF of the savings Bank, was mainly applied for switching, using electronic digital signature (EDS), says Morozov. The use of the EDS exempt the applicant from going to the FIU.

Despite the lower than that of group BIN, flush, NPF of Sberbank will remain the largest Fund by number of clients: subject to approval of the 1.4 million new applications in the Fund will be more than 4.5 million insured.

NPF of electric power industry belonging to “FC OTKRITIE”, the number of customers who will leave the Fund on the results of transition campaign in 2015 that exceeds the number of clients who decided to come to the Fund. According to Vice-President NPF of electric power industry Chuikova, the outflow is about 200 thousand people, and will come in a Fund of about 10 thousand people. In 2015, the Fund’s strategy was focused on strengthening presence in the market of corporate pension programs and the development of non-state pension provision, according to the press service of the NPF of electric power industry. The Fund was not engaged in active attraction of clients on obligatory pension insurance, added to the Fund.


From the data provided by largest pension funds, it appears that the FIU is not endorsed 20-30% of applications. Failures are often associated with typos that customers allow at filling of declarations to the FIU, said Chuikov. She noted that over 30% of customers don’t remember where they were formed before the pension, it is therefore incorrect to indicate the previous statement of the insurer.

Annually, the FIU does not approve of a certain part of the statements. So, according to the results of 2013-2014 FIU has only approved half of statements of citizens about transfer from one Fund to another. Only FIU for two years enrolled 24.8 million statements: statements 18.1 million in 2013 and 6.7 million in 2014. Approved FIU 12.3 million statements.

In case of refusal the citizen can re-apply next year. However, this year the insured will face difficulties: according to the law this year, citizens has not made a choice in favor of a funded system, has lost the right in the future to accumulate pensions. They still can transfer the accumulated funds in the management of pension funds, but new contributions are deducted in the funded system will not.

Under current law, citizens younger than 1967 year of birth must have been before the end of 2015 to decide how they will shape your retirement. If a citizen wants to form a funded part of the pension, he should write the statement for transition in PPF or stay in FIU, but to indicate that 6% of his contributions he is going to accumulate. If a citizen did not write the statement, that is, remain “silent type”, all 22% of its contributions will go to the insurance part of the pension.

“We believe that if a citizen wrote a letter (even if it has not been approved), he made a conscious choice in favor of the pension system. It must be given the opportunity to re-write the application and continue to generate savings,” says Advisor to the President of the National Association of pension funds Valery Vinogradov, adding that this issue should be discussed at the government level.

Providing opportunities for re-submission of applications this year essentially means the extension of choice that current legislation is not provided, reported the press service of the Ministry of labor. “Given enough time to ensure that all citizens could choose their pension provision. The risk of refusal on formal grounds to meet the applications of citizens who consciously approach their retirement, responsibly issuing appropriate statements, as well as having time before the end of 2015 to send them to the FIU, appears to be minimal”, — stressed in the Ministry of labor.

The Ministry of Finance did not answer the question .