blocked for life because of the songs Diana Arbenina

Popular online music resource c 9 March will be permanently blocked. This is stated on the official website of Roskomnadzor in the social network Facebook.

Under the lock resource was in breach of copyright of Universal Music, which owns the rights to the song singer Diana Arbenina.

The decision to block on a lifetime basis, the court ruled in November 2015, said managing partner of the law firm Semenov & Pevzner, Roman Lukianov, who represented Universal Music in the judicial process.

Resource (was previously known under the name ProstoPleer) allows users to share music files in mp3 format you can listen to radio, download and upload to the site. The audience share for the last six months has increased: if in September 2015 the number of visits according to the SimilarWeb service amounted to $ 2.6 million per month, in February 2016, the number of visitors rose to 3.1 million

After the court made the decision about the lifetime of a lock, the resource administration has published a farewell letter in which he called on the authorities “to reconsider the policy of the locks and development of the Runet”. “No need to clean with a sledgehammer! The problems found now will haunt us through many years, and then it will be too late to solve them. In our country Eternity genius who can invent world projects, but you need to create a very favorable climate for development of it”, — stated in the message.

Lifetime blocking of Internet resources for piracy became possible from 1 may 2015 after the entry into force of the amendments to the law “On information, information technologies and information protection” and the Civil code. If the same holder twice win the case on the protection of copyright in court against the resource, it may request the court to prohibit access to the site on the territory of Russia forever.

Currently under eternal ban were already two dozen resources, including popular torrent tracker