Putin understood Serbia’s position on NATO

Clarification on NATO

After talks with Russian President Tomislav Nikolic told reporters that with Putin they discussed Serbia’s cooperation with NATO. Cooperation with the Alliance has already provoked a political crisis in Serbia and the condemnation of Moscow believes that NATO “sucks Serbia” in the Alliance.

“They say you have to be in NATO, in particular Montenegro, because it’s your security, we protect you. The same thing they say of Serbia, said on February 22, the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. I think this is such a special kind of humiliation, the imposition of “Stockholm syndrome”, when they make their victims love and publicly admit that they want to them.”

“The situation in Russia and Serbia is not so dramatic. President Putin understands that and when we signed,” said Nikolic in the Kremlin. This year the President of Serbia signed a law confirming the agreement between Serbia and NATO from 2006. It provides for freedom of movement and gives diplomatic immunity to all representatives of NATO on the territory of the state, reminds TASS.

With NATO Serbia cooperates under the program “Partnership for peace”, in 2014, the parties agreed on an individual partnership action plan program, which seeks to promote the establishment of trust between participants. Now the program involved 22 countries. In the entire history of the program (since 1994) members of NATO were 12 participants, including the Baltic States and Poland.

The opposition party of Serbia described the agreement as a “creeping” of the Republic of rapprochement with NATO and organized a mass protest rally. The President Nikolic and Prime Minister Alexander Vucic deny the intention to make Serbia a member of the Alliance. “This is a contrived issue,” he said in February, Prime Minister Alexander Vucic in the broadcasting company RTS. He said that Serbia “is not going to NATO, it wants to be militarily neutral” and “not expressed a wish to join NATO.” In 2007, the Serbian Parliament adopted a resolution on neutrality and nonparticipation in military blocs. Opposition to the assurances of the authorities not reassured: February 22, opposition party in Serbia demanded a referendum on the question of rapprochement with NATO. “The time has come, that through the referendum the voice of the people who most suffered from NATO”, — quotes TASS the leader of the Serbian people’s party Nenad popović.

In relation to NATO

With the signing of the agreement with NATO is the issue of the status of the Russian-Serbian humanitarian center (RSHC). In 2014 he prepared a draft agreement on the granting of immunity to staff the center. However, it is still not signed. Nikolic suggested “in order for a balanced approach” to sign it during the visit of Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev to Serbia, recalled in February, the representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. According to her, RSGC is purely civilian structure, and “unfair speculation about his alleged military or even “spy” malicious nature”. The centre was opened in 2011 by the Minister for emergency situations Sergei Shoigu.

The center is engaged in activities to prevent and prevention of emergency situations, including fire fighting, humanitarian assistance, mine clearance.

Nikolić at a press conference in the Kremlin repeated its position that it considers necessary to ensure the Russians the same conditions as the employees of NATO, but to sign the agreement on RSGC will only be available to the new government. The new composition of the Cabinet of Ministers will be formed after the parliamentary elections in April.

Builders and products

The talks between the presidents in the Kremlin began with mutual thanks and congratulations. Vladimir Putin congratulated Tomislav Nikolic with the award of Fund of unity of Orthodox peoples. It was handed to the Serbian President on March 9, Patriarch Kirill. Nikolic thanked Putin for Russia in the UN security Council last year vetoed a draft resolution on Srebrenica in which the murder of Muslims during the civil war in Yugoslavia has been called a genocide. The Serbian President also thanked Putin for Russia oppose the adoption of Kosovo at UNESCO.

At a press conference following the talks, Nikolic said that with Putin they “agreed to cooperate even stronger, even better, to raise above the commodity turnover”. In 2015, according to the press service of the Kremlin, the volume of bilateral trade has decreased in comparison with the previous year by 22.9% to $1.6 billion.

Nikolic said that currently in Serbia there are Russian specialists who discuss with partners “food supplies”. “I suggested that the participation of Serbian construction workers who can take part of the niche, which was previously occupied by other countries,” he named nikolić another area of cooperation, without naming the country. From 1 January this year, Russia imposed restrictions on construction works by the representatives of Turkey.

The presidents also established the themes for the work of the intergovernmental Commission and the Commission on military-technical cooperation. However, these earn a fee only after the formation of the new Cabinet in Serbia according to the results of early elections in April.

Page in exchange for the icon

According to Tomislav Nikolic with Putin they also discussed matters of humanitarian cooperation, but has not yet reached agreement. Serbia would like to return one page from Miroslavov the gospel of the XII century, which is located in Saint Petersburg, and in exchange offers the icon of the Vladimir Mother of God of the XVIII century, located in Belgrade.