“Smart” watches Apple has spurred the growth of the Russian market for wearable gadgets

Expensive flagships

Shipments of wearable gadgets sellers in Russia increased in 2015 compared to 2014 in terms of money by 61.5%, to $34,71 million (2.1 billion rubles at weighted average exchange rate for the year 2015), in real terms, 8% to 147 thousand units, which was calculated by research firm IDC. In the calculations the company includes all wearable computing devices that can work with Internet applications, fitness trackers, smart watches, virtual reality glasses, etc.

The difference in the growth of the monetary and physical volume of market senior analyst of IDC Natalia Vinogradova explains that in the segment of “smart” wearable electronics are leading manufacturers, which in 2015 has begun deliveries of expensive devices. So, the flagship Samsung smart watch Samsung Gear S2 costs 24 990 rubles, the price of it’s competitor from Apple — Apple Watch — starts from 29 990 rubles, while a similar device from Sony — the Sony SmartWatch 3 will cost 12 990 rubles. According to the forecast IDC, as the market will be full of cheap imitations of the current best sellers and the average price will begin to fall.

According to “Euroset” sales only “smart” hours in the last year in Russia rose in real terms by 59% to 123 thousand, in cash — by 312%, to 2.3 billion rubles, said the representative of the company Ulyana Smolskaya.

The representative of Svyaznoy said that, according to the network, sales of wearable gadgets in Russia in 2015 has increased by more than 100% in General, and in monetary terms. In “M. Video” sales “smart” clock has tripled in real terms and approximately five-fold in monetary terms, and added an employee network.

IDC believes it is shipping of equipment, and retailers — sales, explains the representative of “M. Video”. According to her, differences in amounts may be due to the fact that in anticipation of the weakening of the ruble sellers purchased the item in store in 2014.

Factor Apple

According to IDC, the most popular Russian manufacturers of wearable electronics in 2015 steel Samsung, Apple and Sony. The market leader — Samsung — compared with 2014 is not changed, and the second and third line last year took Sony and Pebble, said Vinogradov. Data on shipments of individual producers IDC does not disclose.

Samsung in 2015 sold in Russia seven models of wearable devices: Gear S2 in addition to Samsung is the fitness tracker Samsung Gear fit (6599 RS.), virtual reality glasses Gear VR Innovator Edition (11 thousand) and other gadgets, said a company representative Alexander Kisel.

Apple Watch became the first product manufacturer of iPhone in the category of wearable devices. In Russia sales of these smart watches started July 31, and supplies, respectively, earlier. And, as previously reported , in the second quarter of 2015, Apple has been the leader in the supply of portable devices: the company shipped the Russian sellers 12 thousand Apple Watch.

The appearance of the Apple Watch had an additional impact on the market “clever” accessories, said the representative Svyaznoy Maria Zaikina. According to her, customers that the new Apple device not available because of high rates, drew attention to the similar functionality of devices from other manufacturers, including B-brands, in the price range up to 5 thousand rubles.

Apple has entered the market for smart watches is one of the latest and due to the large number of fans all over the world brought with it a new customers that has helped the market of wearable gadgets grow, says Executive Vice-President of “Euroset” Victor Lukanin. After the emergence of Apple Watch in Russia, sales of wearable devices in General are growing faster in terms of both money and in-kind, confirms the representative of “M. Video” Olga Kobzareva.

Apple is not the leader

Worldwide shipments of wearable gadgets in 2015 increased 2.5 times, from 29 million to 78 million units, according to IDC research Wearable Device Tracker.

Apple in the global market of wearable gadgets has taken only the third place with a share of 14.9%, losing to the manufacturer of fitness bracelets FitBit (26.9%) and the Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi (15.4 per cent).