TFR found the activist PARNAS money from the U.S. “color revolution”

The investigation Committee withdrew from the member of the Party of people’s freedom (PARNAS) of Natalia Pelevine documents confirming the financing of the American national endowment for democracy (NED) activity of the “Committee on 6 may”. As stated in the statement of the official representative of the RCDS Vladimir Markin received , “the Committee may 6” lead efforts “to discredit the investigative bodies, bodies of internal Affairs, conducted the investigation of the case about mass disorders on Bolotnaya square on 6 may 2012”.

“Also seized documents, confirming the allocation of the specified Fund in the period 2013-2014 Pelevina funds in the amount of $35 thousand; of receipt on receipt of the funds Pelevina relatives of convicted persons — participants of mass riots on 6 may 2012 using violence against police officers”, — said Markin. According to him, found documents confirm the theory that “anti-Russian foreign centres on financing of mass riots” involved in “the attempt of the scenario of “color revolution” in Russia.”

The interlocutor familiar with the investigation said that all the documents were seized from Pelevine almost a year ago. “It is not known what the attitude of the paper, Dating from the year 2014 may have to the riots on Bolotnaya square,” said the source .

In July 2015 the national endowment for democracy, by decision of the Prosecutor General’s office, was recognized as the first “junk organization”. NED — non-governmental organization created in 1983 on the initiative of U.S. President Ronald Reagan, who declared that to defeat world communism, Western countries should help developing in building democracy. The organization is financed by the U.S. Congress. The Fund, judging by the registry of foreign agents with the justice Ministry’s most active funders in the areas that the Russian government recognizes political: human rights, sociology, political studies. Collaborated with him 24 of 77 NGOs included in the register.

March 10, Natalia Pelevin became a suspect under article 138.1 of the criminal code (trafficking of special technical means intended for secret obtaining of information). Pelevin itself explained that almost a year ago during the search in the case of riots on may 6, she found a pen in which there was a video. This pen and was the reason she was given the status of a suspect in a new criminal case. On 15 March, noted Pelevin, she is scheduled to appear again before the magistrate.

As noted by the representative of the RCDS Vladimir Markin, in the near future on this case Pelevine will be charged. “I appeal to individuals, including colleagues who had the happiness to communicate in formal and informal conversations with Pelevine. Remember, if during your meetings at Pelevine was not the usual thickness handle dark colors, then perhaps you have become subject to unauthorized entry, which may be used in the future against you,” he said.

In April 2015 Pelevin was suspected of financing the riots on Bolotnaya square in may 2012. According to her lawyer Sergei Badamshina, his client has not been charged in the case, she remained in the suspect status.