The activities of the popular front, Putin’s cost in 2015 half a billion rubles

studied, how much onf spends on its work. The estimate includes spending on employee salaries, rental of premises and events. Travel expenses, building maintenance, regional events, premiums in these calculations was not included.

The amount of the expenses of the movement happened at least 455,3 million rubles per year. Including about 200 million rubles spent on the salaries of employees of Central and regional Executive committees, not less than 65 million rubles for the rental of offices in Moscow and regions, about 85 million roubles on carrying out of major forums and conferences.

The representative of the popular front said that such estimates are “not true”. “Our expenses are minimal, this year we are trying to optimize, given the current economic situation,” he said.

Official financial statements the movement does not publish. The justice Ministry explained that the move is not obliged to do so. To provide financial statements in onf refused. “Someone will say that the amount is too small, and to some it will seem significant,” he explained through his representative, the co-chair of the Central headquarters of the popular front, Secretary of the Public chamber Alexander Brechalov.

Money for its activities onf receives from “donors,” said Brechalov: “We accept donations from commercial, public, non-state actors. Of course, it is inappropriate to disclose the names and amounts without the consent of these organizations. It is a common practice in business and in business relations”.

The coalition of political organizations called the Russian popular front was created in may 2011 on the proposal of Vladimir Putin, who at that time held the post of Prime Minister. He also became the leader of the front.

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