The audit chamber asked to check the cost of curbs and tiles in Moscow

Deputies of the state Duma from the CPRF Sergey Obukhov and Valery Rashkin has sent a request to the Chairman of the accounts chamber Tatyana Golikova to check the efficiency of use of budgetary funds in the sphere of repair and maintenance of roads and pedestrian zones in Moscow. The request is available .

Deputies refer to the publication dated 4 March in which it is reported that Moscow city hall has announced several tenders for the repair of the road network for a total amount of 5.5 billion rubles of Work involves the replacement of worn-out asphalt on roads and in pedestrian zones, maintenance and replacement of curbs and pedestrian tiles, repair of manhole covers and inlets, and markings. All nine tenders announced GBU “highways” subordinate office of the Department of housing and communal services and improvement of Moscow city hall. At the end of 2015, SBI already declared a number of tenders for repair of asphalt pavement urban highway network for the sum of 2,7 billion rubles in 2015-2016.

According to the Communists, seems completely unwarranted practice of replacing not only curbs on granite, and asphalt on sidewalks, especially not needing repair on a tiled floor. More resentment causing situation, when the ranks svezhemorozhenoj tiles start to break down for the installation of new curbs or when on top of the relatively new tiling put asphalt, is marked in the Deputy request.

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The legitimacy and effectiveness of spending on road repairs and pedestrian zones in Moscow requires a thorough review in terms of the underfunding of vital social spheres, according Rashkin and Obukhov. “We have to admit that the mayor’s office, choosing between securing the life and health of citizens, on the one hand, and regular replacement of pavement, slabs and curbs, largely premature, clearly inclines to the second,” — said in the document.

It seems that the municipality in whatever was trying to learn 41,71 billion rubles allocated in 2016 from the Federal budget in promoting the development of transport infrastructure of Moscow, not to return money back, conclude the deputies.

“Our lawyers in the framework of anti-Corruption Committee named after Stalin continuously monitor the procurement of regional and local authorities, revealing cases of inappropriate and inefficient spending of budget funds. The most egregious situation, in our opinion, is currently taking place in Moscow: the authorities in “old memory” in a literal sense billions buried in the asphalt, then run and shout that there is no money for medicine and need to liquidate hospitals,” explained Rashkin. According to him, if the chamber itself will not check spending of Moscow for these purposes, the Communists could collect the signatures of all MPs in order to oblige the Ministry Golikova to conduct an audit. To audit chamber started a check, enough 90 signatures of deputies, the Communist party 93 deputies.

Press Secretary of the Vice-mayor of Moscow concerning housing and communal services and improvement of Peter Biryukov Igor Pergamenshchik considers the charges baseless. “Such facts are unknown to us”, — he commented on the information that the new tile start to break down for the installation of new curbs.