The defense Ministry said the supply disruptions and 250 missiles 15 aircraft

Speaking to the President during a single day of acceptance of military products, Borisov said that remains outstanding a number of contracts under the state defense order in 2015, reports the Agency “Interfax”. According to him, the Ministry of defence is not received within the deadline of 15 aircraft, eight ships, 17 units of communications and automated control systems, three the carrier rocket “the Roar” and the upper stage “breeze”, 253 missiles for various purposes, 240 units of armored vehicles.

Borisov has named a number of reasons that led to such results. Among them, the low level planning of capacity utilization, weak organization of activities of enterprises, the loss of individual production processes and the breach of cooperative ties.

Commenting on the incident, President Vladimir Putin called the work on the orders for the army and Navy “is not only a huge trust, but also a huge responsibility”. According to him, everything must be done to ensure that such situation is not repeated.

In December 2014, President Putin stated that misuse of funds for the state defence order is a direct threat to national security. “Misuse or theft of budget funds for defence contracts should work the same as on the financing of terrorism”, — said the head of state.

In July 2015 the Ministry of defence as one of the causes of failure of execution of the state defense order has called Western sanctions against Russia. Then the Deputy Minister Yuri Borisov said that “the objective [of the causes of failure of execution of the state defense order are] restricting the supply of imported components and raw materials”.

In November last year, the Ministry of justice of Russia proposed to criminalize the articles of the Penal code, which provides penalties for the misuse of the money allocated for defense procurement. The office noted that current legislation often allows offenders to avoid responsibility.

According to the defense Ministry, in 2012 suppliers 71 tore the contract in the field of defence orders, in 2013 — 34 contract in 2014 — 47.