The free TV channels will show the debates of participants in the primaries of “United Russia”

The air for the party

The Federal leadership of United Russia and representatives of regional branches of party, with the support of the local authorities are negotiating with the regional TV channels about how they will cover the debate between the participants in the primaries of the party. This was told by two people in the party and reaffirmed the local United Russia.

To elaborate on the debate will somehow channels all regions, reveals the essence of preliminary agreements United Russia. According to him, somewhere will broadcast them live, but somewhere limited to very detailed stories and showing part of the debate in the record. “Everything will depend on opportunities,” says the source .

The party primaries will be held on may 22, they will determine the candidates for deputies of the state Duma. Before the vote, during the period from April 2 to may 15, candidates in the pre-election list of United Russia party members will debate each other in a specially rented for this purpose. In General the whole procedure of the primaries, including debates, willed as part of the campaign of the party and drawing attention to her the day before the official start of the election (held in September), explains a source in “an United Russia”.

Who will show the debates

That “if possible” the debate will be broadcast on local TV, March 2, at the meeting of the Federal organizing Committee of the party to hold primaries told Deputy Secretary of General Council of “United Russia” Olga batalina.

Now there is an understanding that broadcast will be able in about half of regions of Russia, said on condition of anonymity, the United Russia. According to him, it will be local TV, and somewhere just close to the power channels.

For example, in the Yaroslavl region discussed the question of what to broadcast, the debate will be owned by the regional government “Yaroslavl the First” channel, said the source close to the leadership of the region. In the Moscow region, said the source in the “United Russia”, it can be a project of the government and VGTRK — “360° suburbs”. And in Moscow — city hall and owned by VGTRK the channel “Moscow 24”, the negotiations with him for coming, says a source in the Moscow branch of United Russia.

The head of the Moscow Executive Committee of “United Russia” Oleg Smolkin said that the issue of TV broadcast is still under discussion and declined to name a specific channel.

Free at own will

To get money for the broadcast of the TV debates will not be told three of the interlocutor in “an United Russia”. This is because the channels themselves are turning into the party with a request for a broadcast, i.e. it is their initiative, argues that the party will explain free broadcast, a source in the leadership of “United Russia”.

Not all channels and regional offices know the position of the Federal leadership. Secretary of the Sverdlovsk branch, a member of the General Council “United Russia” Victor Shepty said that the party members are negotiating with a few channels, but expect to pay them for their work. “On a reimbursable basis, so no one had a clue that we use the administrative resource”, — he said.

As Director General of the channel “360° Moscow” Vyacheslav Dukhin informed that heard nothing about the possibility to broadcast the debate of the “United Russia”. “We are in did not occur”, — he said.

To provide television broadcast perhaps not everywhere, so many regions will have to limit the coverage of debates in the news, says the source close to the leadership of the party. For example, in the Smolensk region (there will participate in the primaries, the Secretary of the General Council Sergei Neverov) at GTRK “Smolensk” simply does not have sufficient airtime to broadcast the debate, said a source in the leadership of the local branch. Therefore, in the party expect that journalists will highlight some of the debates in the news stories and show the most interesting pieces in the recording, he says.

At the same time on all areas of local separation will be required to broadcast the debates to the Internet, so that those who in any case will be able to see them, says United Russia.

Why would United Russia attention

Previously Neverov has told that expects the participation in the primaries 10-15% of the total number of voters. To do this, the United Russia even plan to open 20% of the total number of polling stations of Russia — Federal party members constantly point to that local colleagues, including at public events.

Given such high demands on the number of participants in the party were constantly discussing ways to improve attention to the procedure of the primaries. Several interlocutors told me that the party has discussed the question of the possibility to use provisions of United Russia on the Federal law airtime and to broadcast the debate at the Federal level. But now the idea was dropped — at this time we must not illuminate the debate, and the ongoing activities of the party and its social agenda, says a source in the party leadership.

To attract the attention of and discussed other ideas, such as holding meetings of candidates with voters at enterprises, said earlier a few of United Russia. But, in the words of one of them, later the idea was dropped, because it can compromise the integrity of the primaries.

By law

In the case of broadcasting the debates to talk about illegal propaganda, as the term “campaigning” refers to the time of the election campaign, i.e. after the publication of the decision on appointment of elections (three months before election day), says election lawyer Tatyana Lushnikova.

But for an external consumer of the primaries is political advertising of the party, said the co-Chairman of the Board of movement ‘Golos’ Yuri Gourmet. “State television, receiving funds from the budget, take the broadcast positions of candidates from “United Russia”, in fact, advertising them” — sums up the expert.