The Ministry of transport has assessed the risks of privatization of “Aeroflot”

Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov told about the risks of loss of state control in the company “Aeroflot”. In an interview with “Interfax”, he stated that after the story has ceased the flights of “Transaero” before the decision on privatization of the national carrier need to think very carefully.

“Last year’s events, including the situation with the bankruptcy of our second largest airline, Transaero, has shown that the government of such a resource [large carrier with state participation] allows you to instantly solve a huge social problem, associated with the need to Finance the transportation of passengers or the payment of the cost of tickets on the cancelled routes,” — said the Minister.

Sokolov recalled that Aeroflot has been mobilized, about 17 billion rubles, which, of course, was not in the budget. “And to seek from a backup source such a sum would have been almost impossible in the short term. Due to the fact that “Aeroflot” has received the appropriate directives of the government, the Board of Directors voted for the decision. This allowed — for the first time in the history of Russian aviation and rare case in the world — in a short time and in a non-conflict mode to carry all the passengers without causing a social explosion”, — said Sokolov.

According to him, having lost control, the state will not be able if necessary to carry out a similar decision. He said that in General world aviation is in a difficult situation. “The more we see a strong decline in international traffic, although domestic market and growing. In this situation, to abandon such a resource that allows you to make quick decisions, it is theoretically possible, but it is necessary to study the issue and to insure,” he advised the falcons.

In the state owns 51,17% of actions “Aeroflot”. In September 2014 the Russian President Vladimir Putin has allowed to reduce it to 50% + 1. Even 3,26% is owned by “Rosteh”. The market value of the company is $ 9.7 billion.

In February, “Vedomosti” citing a source called the airline “Aeroflot” one of the candidates for privatization in 2016. According to the publication, the sale of the government’s stake was supported by Vladimir Putin. Later the General Director of group “Aeroflot” Vitaly Saveliev was invited to the Kremlin for a meeting on the upcoming “big privatization”.

it was previously reported that Aeroflot was already in the plan of privatization for 2014. Then 10% of the shares (market value 6,08 bn) airline planned to sell in the secondary offering of shares (SPO) on the Moscow exchange.

On 9 March, the FT reported that 25% of Aeroflot to buy Arkady Rotenberg. The Kremlin has called those reports not to believe.