The Russian foreign Ministry is ready to provide consular assistance to Russians who have been abused in the U.S.

MOSCOW, March 11. The Russian foreign Ministry is counting on an impartial and thorough investigation into allegations of sexual abuse adopted in the USA Russian Dennis Flynn. This is stated in a report published today on the website dipvedomstva comments of the authorized foreign Ministry on issues of human rights, democracy and the rule of law Konstantin Dolgov.

“Of serious concern to the information, announced at a news conference adopted in 2001 the U.S. citizens of the Russian Dennis Flynn, about his claim to the foster parents accused of years of sexual violence,” he said.

As reported by Dolgov, the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco promptly contacted attorney Flynn, who said that her client for many years (while he was underage; now he is 23 years old) had been sexually abused by adoptive father and mother. In November 2015 they initiated a criminal case, in which parents were arrested, while his mother was later released on bail.

“Closely follow the development of this case, we will continue to maintain contact with the defendant and, if necessary, will provide Dennis Flynn consular assistance, – said in comments. – We expect that there will be an impartial and thorough investigation of all circumstances of the incident and, in the case of confirmation of guilt of the adoptive parents, they will suffer a just punishment”.

“It is unacceptable repetition of situations when, as so often before, caught in the killings and mistreatment of adopted Russians, the Americans escaped adequate punishment”, – he stressed.

As the diplomat noted, “the case of Flynn again demonstrates the scale of the problems that have accumulated in usynovlennyi the field with the United States due to the failure of the American authorities in their respective international commitments”. “We will continue active work to encourage Washington to remedy this unacceptable situation,” he said.