The Russian foreign Ministry: Moscow will adequately respond to new U.S. nuclear weapons in Europe

MOSCOW, March 11. Russia will adequately respond to the placement in Europe of new us nuclear bombs, said the Director of the Department for nonproliferation and arms control, the Russian foreign Ministry Mikhail Ulyanov.

“In the military sphere, as a rule, every action is a reaction. I am sure that the Russian reaction to the new American bombs on the armament is adequate, and its parameters will be determined with thorough consideration of all the circumstances”, – he declared in interview to the newspaper “Kommersant”.

Nuclear bomb B61-12 in Europe

“In accordance with the updated nuclear posture review of 2010 the U.S. began to modernize its nuclear bombs in Europe. It is planned to create a unified variant B61-12 on the basis of the existing four variants of the b-61 bomb. The new product will have high accuracy and be suitable for use both strategic and tactical aviation. The first samples of a new bomb will go into service probably in 2020”, – he reminded.

“The United States is trying to create the impression that there is nothing extraordinary”, but the argument that the new bombs, having a high accuracy will be less than devastating “to put it mildly, raises serious doubts,” said the diplomat.

According to him, “in reality is not so prosperous”. “Analysis of the characteristics of new bombs suggests that their setting into service can significantly lower the threshold of use of nuclear weapons. Is deterrence such weapons potentially become a weapon in the battlefield as it was during the cold war,” – said Ulyanov.

“It is no coincidence that the former commander of strategic command VS the USA General James Cartwright in November 2015, said that as a result of modernization of b-61 bomb can become “more fit for use” (“more usable”),” – said the diplomat.

He cited the statement of the former Deputy Minister of defense for political Affairs James Miller, who in January last year, said that “the presence in the Arsenal of nuclear weapons the less power will reduce the civilian casualties in the case of its use”. “Sounds rather cynical, as if translated into normal language means that the American experts close to the US administration, believe that the new bombs are more likely and more valid” – said Ulyanov.

In his opinion, “therein lie the major risks associated with the fact that Washington is trying to present as routine modernization”. “In any case, the temptation of engaging these weapons under certain circumstances may increase substantially. This is evident in the many independent American experts,” he added.

Ulyanov noted that there are no international legal restrictions on the modernization of nuclear arsenals, it is “in principle,” permissible, “however, noteworthy that under the present administration the United States it has assumed unprecedented proportions”.

NATO course on long-term violation of the NPT

With regard to nuclear bombs in Europe, according to the Russian diplomat, “their very presence or, more precisely, the practice of treatment in the framework of NATO is a violation of the first two articles of the Treaty on the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons (NPT)”. In accordance with the nuclear powers undertook not to transfer, either directly or indirectly, nuclear weapons to non-nuclear States, and the latter undertook not to make such weapons, neither directly nor indirectly, he explained.

“These bans are completely ignored during the “joint nuclear missions” of NATO, in which pilots from non-nuclear countries-members of the Alliance will develop skills of handling and use of nuclear weapons, – said Ulyanov. – It is significant, incidentally, that in parallel with the activities of States on the modernization of the mentioned bombs five European States on whose territory these weapons are placed, proceed to the renewal of the fleet aircraft carrier”. “Thus, the Alliance has embarked on a long-term breach of obligations under the NPT”, he concluded.