Apple has announced the date for the presentation of new iPhone and iPad

21 March, Apple will show new products — the iPhone SE (special edition — “special edition”) and an updated version of the iPad, reported the Verge, where journalists received the invitation to the presentation of the company.

Presumably, iPhone SE externally will look the same as the iPhone 5S, but will get improved performance. The new product will set the A9 processor, which the company first began to use in the latest models iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, and vosmimegapikselnoy camera and fingerprint sensor Touch ID, writes the edition. Thus, Apple will release a smartphone with a smaller screen than the latest models iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S.

The new iPhone will be shown on 21 March

21 March, Apple will introduce new models of iPhones and iPad

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Another novelty, which will present the company, is a new version of the iPad. It was assumed that Apple will release a successor to the iPad Air 2, but “more recent rumors indicate that on March 21, users will see a new version of the iPad Pro” that will support the work with a stylus and detachable keyboard, notes The Verge.

On the invitation of the company put the slogan Let us loop you in, which can be translated literally as “let us catch you in the loop”. This expression indicates an address where there will be a presentation: 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California, where the headquarters of the company. In addition, the new iPhone SE can get a special connector to which you can attach a cord.

The presentation will be held the day before the high-profile hearings in the dispute between Apple and the FBI. On March 22 in California Federal court will begin proceedings on the request of the Ministry of justice, which demands that Apple helped the FBI to crack iPhone terrorist Umar Farouk.