Media reported about the detention in Minsk close to Lukashenka businessman

In Belarus detained the founder and leader of the group of companies “triple” businessman Yuri Chizh, according to the portal with reference to several informed sources.

Information about the detention of the Siskin originally received from users of the portal. “In “Triple” was the classic “masks-show”. The KGB arrested the leaders of the company” — quoted one of them Near the office of “Triple” in Minsk “are minibuses, which are near the men in black”, and in the office light, the Agency said BelaPAN. According to in the office of “Triple” and football club “Dynamo”, which is owned by Siskin, and searched the inventory of documents.

Siskin were previously included in the closest circle of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, however, after the arrest of his business partner and co-owner of “Triple” Uladzimir Eprintseva he started the “trouble”, writes “Do you realize that without the sanction of the head of state, nothing happened. But he [the Siskin] for several months was in disgrace. So you can not say that they had arrested a member of the President’s team”, — said the source publication.

At the same time, the interlocutor in an environment of the businessman noted that his influence may have “weakened, but not enough to compete for your business, which has more than 20 years.” “Do not jump the gun. Everything will be fine,” he added.

In the “Triple” declined to comment, the Siskin on the phone is not responding, reports To receive the comment in the Belarusian KGB to the portal failed.

The company “triple” was founded in 1992. As reported on its website, in 20 years, it “has grown into a diversified group of companies”. In particular, the “triple” is engaged in the construction, retail and the development of petrol stations, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, construction materials, customs services, etc.

Chizh each year is in Belarusian the ratings of the most successful businessmen. In the ranking compiled by the newspaper “the Daily” by the end of 2015, the founder of “Triple” takes the 12th place.

In March 2012 the European Union has made a Siskin in the sanctions lists. In the relevant decision stated that the businessman “providing financial support to the Lukashenka regime” through “triple”. Under the sanctions also got the “triple” and football club “Dinamo Minsk”, which is owned by Chizh and where he heads the Supervisory Board. However, in October last year the court of justice in Luxembourg annulled the measures. He came to the conclusion that the EU Council “did not provide any evidence of” Chizh financing the Belarusian regime in exchange for business concessions.

In recent years the Siskin has experienced difficulties in the conduct of their business in Belarus, reported “Weekly”. So, the timing of the construction of the hotel near Belarusian state circus, which was expected to be completed in 2013, were delayed, once again this was done in 2015. Moreover, Lukashenko moved in the summer from 2015 to 2019 term of delivery of housing for needs of the Belarusian defense Ministry, which is “triple” deals since 2009. Problems have arisen in other projects Siskin.

Partner Siskin Vladimir Yaprintsev and his son were arrested in Minsk in August, this was reported by the Belarusian media with reference to its sources. While officially the detention Eprintseva KGB podtverdila only in December. According to the information the detention was connected “with large debts, failure to repay them and at the same time, the attempted withdrawal of resources from the country.” We are talking about approximately $30-40 million, while creditors were allegedly “wealthy individuals from Russia”. According to the portal, one of the defendants in the case is the President of Federation of wrestling of Russia Mikhail Mamiashvili.

Information about the detention of Siskin appeared in previous years, but it wasn’t confirmed, BelaPAN reminds.