Mutko refused to consider the tragedy of the athletes pass the Olympic games

Possible skipping Russian athletes of the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro should not be considered a tragedy. The head of Ministry of sports Vitaly Mutko said in an interview bi-Bi-si.

“A tragedy, when people were killed. The attack in the aircraft [A321 companies “Kogalymavia”], our people died is a tragedy. It’s not a tragedy for us if won’t allow us. I want you to understand,” — said Mutko.

According to the head of the Ministry of sports, Russia never said that in Russia there is no problem with doping. “We never said that we have no problem with athletics. They are. But we only say that it is not only the problem of Russia, doping is a problem of all world sports,” the Minister said.

In conversation with Mutko journalist Bi-bi-si asked whether the Russian authorities to continue funding of athletics. “Even I, from the point of view of the government, today suspension. How am I supposed to act? Am I supposed to Finance it? There is no team. She is not involved. So, I should cease to Fund them now,” he said.

Minister of sport expressed the view that the international Association of athletics federations (IAAF) deprives Russia of the opportunity to Fund athletics. “We can stop doing it. What’s the point of us if we have no guarantees that they [athletes] will be returned [to the Olympics]?” — he explained.

During the interview Mutko also asked whether Russia is doing in order to cope with doping. “Here I can on the table to dance. In dance to do it. To sing, you know? I don’t know what more we can do,” replied the Minister.

The same rhetoric was heard in an interview with Reuters Mutko. In it the Minister expressed the view that Russia has already done enough to combat doping. “What should make the Russian athletics? To dance on the table? to sing a song?”, — the Minister said.

This week at the Monaco meeting of the IAAF Council, which was presented a report on the situation in Russian athletics. Representatives of the organization came to the conclusion that Russia has not fulfilled all the criteria for returning to the Association. This issue will be considered again in may. Thus, the Russian athletes remain suspended from all competitions under the auspices of the IAAF.