Russian foreign Minister: Turkey should cut off the supply of weapons to Syria under the guise of humanitarian aid

NEW YORK, March 12. /Corr. Ivan Sawyers/. Turkey should cut off the supply through its territory of weapons existing in Syria, the militants under the guise of humanitarian aid, to create more favorable conditions for peaceful settlement in that country. This was announced on Friday, the Deputy Russian foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov in interview to the American Agency Bloomberg.

“Gatilov criticized Turkey because of the shelling of positions of Kurds in Syria, but also because she, presumably, allows the supply of weapons across the border under the guise of humanitarian goods”, – says the Agency. It notes that the diplomat called for a halt to such practices “to create a more constructive atmosphere at the intra-Syrian negotiations and securing a longer ceasefire”.

The Agency reported that, according to the Deputy foreign Minister, Russia urged President Bashar al-Assad to play a constructive role in the consultations concerning the preparation of elections in the country.

As stated in the article, the diplomat also expressed the hope that Assad and his opponents has demonstrated a “genuine willingness” to agree on a new Constitution of Syria, which would allow to build “a future democratic society”. This document, according to Gatilov, should include “assurance that all Syrians on equal terms will be able to participate in the electoral process”.

The Deputy foreign Minister, according to the Agency, recognized the right of the group “Highest negotiating Committee”, supported by Saudi Arabia, to participate in the consultations for a peaceful settlement, however, gave to understand that she can’t pretend to be the “sole representative of the opposition”.