The cause of death of Mikhail Lesin called “blunt force trauma”

The cause of death of the former Minister of press of Russia and former head of holding “Gazprom-Media” Mikhail Lesin was “blunt force trauma to the head” (blunt force trauma to the head), reports The Washington Post citing a statement by the medical examiner.

According to the data in the publication, 59-year-old Lesin also received injuries to neck, torso and upper and lower extremities.

The nature of the death (whether it was natural or violent death, suicide or accident) is not set, reads the statement, which quoted The Washington Post.

The us publication stresses that the authorities have released no other information about “the mysterious death of a prominent politician, who once served as Minister of the press” and the head “Gazprom-Media”, “controlled by the state holding company that controls most of the Russian press”.

Later they also appeared in the joint statement of the medical examiner’s office for the district of Columbia and the D.C. police, referenced in The Washington Post. The statement emphasizes that the police continues to investigate the incident.

Representatives of administration of the President of the United States in response to a request refused comments, having referred to secrecy of the investigation. In the medical examiner’s office also has refused additional comments . In the police Department of Washington, D.C. (Metropolitan Police Department) in a telephone conversation refused to comment on the results of examination, on the grounds that the investigation is ongoing.

According to The Washington Post, in November the Lesina family, referring to a long illness the former head “Gazprom-Media”, saying that he had a heart attack. “RIA Novosti” with reference to the relatives reported that the cause of death of Lesina was the problem with the heart.

American forensic experts in November stated that the installation causes the death of the former head of the Ministry of press will take up to 90 days, however after this period, the coroner of the district of Columbia found it difficult to name the cause of death of Lesina.

On the death of Yassin became known on 6 November 2015. His body was found in the room Dupont Circle Hotel in Washington. Later, ABC News said that this occurred on the morning of 5 November. The information was confirmed by the Russian Embassy. They explained that the body was discovered by a hotel maid Lesina. Then it was reported that, according to preliminary data, the signs of violent death was noted. The Embassy added that the hotel room was filmed on a name of Lesina, however, no documents there was not.

The former Minister, businessman and head of the largest media holdings of the country, until more than 20 years was one of the key figures on the Russian media market.

In 1997 he became first Deputy head of VGTRK, from 1999-2004 she served as Minister for press, broadcasting and mass communications. Within five years (2004 to 2009) Lessin worked as Advisor to the President of Russia, and from 2013 to January 2015 served as Chairman of the Board of holding “Gazprom-Media”. In 2015 Lessin is leaving his post.

In “Gazprom-Media” care Lesina resigned explained by family circumstances. Instead, as head of the holding took Dmitry Chernyshenko. The sources close to Lesina in conversation with “Vedomosti” noted that he could leave his post because of disagreements with the leadership of the Federal TV channels. According to sources, heads of TV channels complained about Lesina owner of National media group (NMG) Yury Kovalchuk, who is the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.