KGB of Belarus has named the reason of detention is close to Lukashenka businessman

KGB officers detained the owner of the group of companies “triple” Yuri Chizha on suspicion in evasion from payment of taxes in especially large size. About the Agency BelaPAN reported the head of the press service of the state security Committee Dmitry Pomarin.

He also noted that, together with businessman detained several people suspected of complicity in the crime. All detainees are currently in the KGB detention center. Against them are held urgent investigative actions and investigative activities.

Siskin on the detention it became known on 11 March, according to informed sources, official confirmation of this information was not. As wrote the publication in the offices of “Triple” and football club “Dynamo”, which is owned by Chizh, were searched and inventory documents.

Previously Siskin were included in the closest circle of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, however, after the arrest of his business partner and co-owner of “Triple” Uladzimir Eprintseva he started the “trouble”, reported the portal “Do you realize that without the sanction of the head of state, nothing happened. But he [the Siskin] for several months was in disgrace. So you can not say that they had arrested a member of the President’s team”, — said the source publication. At the same time, the interlocutor in an environment of the businessman noted that his influence may have “weakened, but not enough to compete for your business, which has more than 20 years.” “Do not jump the gun. Everything will be fine,” he added.

The company “triple” was founded in 1992. As reported on its website, in 20 years, it “has grown into a diversified group of companies”. In particular, the “triple” is engaged in the construction, retail, the development of petrol stations, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, construction materials, customs services, etc.

Businessman Yury Chizh each year is in Belarusian the ratings of the most successful businessmen. In the ranking compiled by the newspaper “the Daily” by the end of 2015, he “Triple” took 12 th place.