Lavrov: US sanctions become a replacement policy and diplomacy

Lavrov: US sanctions become a replacement policy and diplomacy

MOSCOW, March 13. Sanctions become for US the replacement policy and diplomacy, already, there are calls to use them in connection with Russia’s actions in Syria and the case of former Ukrainian army Hope Savchenko. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov in interview to TV channel REN TV.

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“Sanctions have become a substitute policy and diplomacy in action, especially our American colleagues, he said. – In Washington there were calls to enter against Russia additional sanctions for what is happening in Syria. And this in a period when we together with the Americans on the basis of an agreement the two presidents are promoting the conflict settlement process, adopted two resolutions of the UN Security Council and have established an International support group Syria with two regularly met in Geneva from target groups who discuss the issues of strengthening the ceasefire and humanitarian assistance”.

Lavrov in this regard, recalled that Russia is conducting an operation in Syria at the invitation of the legitimate government, and before that “for almost five years and it was bombed and tormented all and Sundry, in flagrant violation of the UN Charter”. And for all that was acceptable, nobody really noticed the number of filling Europe with refugees, he continued. – Now again this is all “hang” on us.”

“There is Savchenko, Syria, and any other occasions to declare against us sanctions,” the Minister said.


In early March, President Barack Obama extended for one year the sanctions against Russia, introduced because of the events in Ukraine. Only in Russia was followed by three of the presidential decree of the USA – between 16 and 20 March 2014 (decrees 13661 and 13662) and of 19 December of the same year (decree 13685) in the Crimea. These sanctions was raised a number of Russian citizens, including officials, and officials of the government of former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. In addition, these activities covered a number of major Russian entrepreneurs, several companies and the leadership proclaimed the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics.

Attempt to see Russia’s actions as the cause of any problems become funny

Western attempts to see the root of any problem in the actions of Russia be funny, understand it already and the authorities of the EU countries, said Sergei Lavrov.

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“Whenever you experience some problems try to see its root in Russia is already quite ridiculous, he said. – It is understood by many politicians, not only of those political currents in Europe that we cooperate with and which for this system are anesthetized mainstream media, but understand it already and the representatives of the parties that are in power in many EU countries”.

As an example of unfounded accusations against Moscow, Lavrov led the migration crisis in the EU. “Now we are accused that our participation in the fight against terrorism in Syria is just about the main cause of the migration crisis, although it started long ago, when Libya was bombed, turned it into a channel for smuggling illegal immigrants from half of Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, there is Pakistan refugees, he continued. Still trying to imagine that all those who are now in Europe is the Syrians”.

“This is also a perversion of the truth and fooling the public”, – stressed the head of the Russian foreign Ministry.

It’s hard to see the logic in contradicting the statements of US representatives

Russia it’s hard to see logic in the actions of the United States, when the talks Secretary of state John Kerry says one thing and then in Washington “clarify” that it was about other things, noted Sergei Lavrov.

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“You know, in Washington, excuse me, “many towers”. So I guess this also must be considered. I have a very good personal, friendly relationship with U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry, we have some personal sympathy for each other, we discuss things that are not related to work: exercise, in principle, the attitude to life… – said Lavrov. – I see him as a sincere man, professional, who knows the situation in the world is well aware of the true, lawful, purified of ideology, national interests of his country and which, based on its experience building relationships with partners, including with Russia, promoting the interests of the United States, but doing it in a quest to find a balance of these interests with the interests of partners”.

Lavrov called this position fair and noted that the same approach is shared by Russia.

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However, the Russian foreign Minister, after meeting with Kerry Washington there are other statements. “Last time he (Kerry – approx.) was in December 2015 and said at a press conference that does not advocate Russia’s isolation. After a few days, Washington announced additional sanctions, which, according to him, allegedly only elaborate on some technical details, but actually it is a new quite a serious package,” cited the example of the head of the Russian depodesta.

“Therefore, when “the left hand does not know what right hand does”, it is difficult to see any logic, – said the Russian Minister. – If it’s a game of “good and bad COP”, then it’s quite primitive actions”.

In the end, the Russian Minister stressed that relations with the United States based on a position of principle: “work with US, not in order to please them so that they “mellowed out” to us, and work in areas where our engagement can really have a result that will be in the interests of the Russian Federation”.