Lawyer: wait for a fair trial Snowden should not

Lawyer: wait for a fair trial Snowden should not

MOSCOW, March 12. Count on the fact that the United States will host a fair trial by Edward Snowden, is not necessary. Such opinion on air of radio station “Russian news service” stated his lawyer, member of the Council on human rights under the President of the Russian Federation Anatoly Kucherena.

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“To say that any honest, fair, impartial court, it is impossible, every day we hear political statements,” he said.

Kucherena also stressed that Snowden expresses a desire to return to the United States. “He’s a patriot of the United States, I have repeatedly said that he misses home and would like to return”.

In the US Snowden charged with disclosing classified information, he faces a long prison sentence. He gave the media the documents on electronic surveillance programs of the NSA, and in June of 2013 fled from the U.S. to Hong Kong. From there he flew to Moscow to head from the Russian capital in Ecuador. However, in the end, he remained in Russia after U.S. authorities revoked his passport. Snowden more months spent in the transit zone of the Sheremetyevo airport.

During the year he was in Russia on the basis of the decision to grant him temporary asylum, the term of this permit expired on 1 August 2014, after which Snowden was granted a residence permit in Russia for a period of three years.