Media reported about the survivors in the crash of the MiG-21 in Syria the pilot

One of the pilots crashed near the airfield of ham supersonic fighter MiG-21 successfully catapulted to the Syrian army controlled territory, said the Agency Sputnik citing a military source. Another pilot, who was at the helm of a fighter, tried to make an emergency landing at a military airfield, but died in a plane crash.

“After a Syrian air force plane was shot down, one pilot ejected and landed in the village of al-magir, which is controlled by the army. The co-pilot attempted to make an emergency landing at a military airfield in Hama. Landing was unsuccessful and the pilot was killed”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

Source Sputnik previously reported about one fighter pilot who was killed when trying to eject. The Agency’s interlocutor pointed out that he was shot from the ground fighters.

The MiG-21 of the Syrian air force was shot down on Saturday, March 12, in the province of Hama. As reported by Reuters, plane was shot down from the ground by insurgents from grouping Jaysh al-Nasr. According to the source Agency among the rebels, to shoot down the MiG-21 they used anti-aircraft gun. The fighter attacked at a time when it was landing at the airport of Hama.