Missing lawyer “fighter GRU” promised to return to Ukraine

Day 13 of March on the website of the lawyer of Yury Grabovsky in social network Facebook there was a message reading: “I’m fine. Will be back soon, sorry for failing you.” In the message it is specified that it is written in the Egyptian city of Sharm-al-Sheikh. Enclosed a photograph see the palm trees.

9 March on the website of the lawyer in the Facebook post appeared, in which it was reported that Grabowski allegedly left Ukraine. “Sorry to disappoint you, my friends. Had to leave the Ukraine, against their will. But I’m in security,” the report said Grabowski. This page has also stated that it is Sharm El-Sheikh. Colleague Grabowski Oksana Sokolovsky in conversation with “Interfax-Ukraine” doubted that the message was written by Grabowski. “This post was not written by Yuri,” she said.

Sokolovsky pointed out that together with Grabovski gone and prepared a defense.

On 10 March, the police of Odessa brought criminal case in connection with the disappearance of Grabowski, As explained by the chief specialist of Department of communications General Department of Netpolice in Odessa region Daria Yarchuk, the initiation of proceedings under this article in such cases is a common practice. She noted that a statement about the disappearance of the men asked the administrator of one of the Odessa sanatoriums, where was Grabowski. According to her, the unknown whereabouts of the lawyer on March 5, 2016.

The last time the lawyer “saw one of his colleagues in the evening of 6 March in the office of the attorney Association “Grabowski and partner.” National Association of advocates of Ukraine also reported that on March 5, Grabowski went to Odessa and “located in hotel “Arcadia”, from where I was to leave on March 7″. “However, according to information obtained by telephone from the hotel, he was there on 7 March 2016 and has not appeared, things never picked up. 6 Martha Grabowski was in this hotel, according to mobile applications, its phone”, — stressed in the Association.

The defendant Grabowski citizen of Russia, Alexander Alexandrov and other Russian Evgeny Erofeev was detained in may 2015 in Luhansk region. According to the Ukrainian side, they are active soldiers of the General staff of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation. The Russian defense Ministry claims that at the time of travel in the Donbas both the Russians retired from the Russian armed forces. The Ministry also has repeatedly stressed that the Russian military did not participate in the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

The SBU published video of interrogation of Alexander and Erofeeva, during which the men called themselves soldiers operating. Erofeev explained that he gave this testimony under torture. Ukrainian law enforcement authorities have accused Alexander and Erofeeva at once under several articles of the criminal code, including terrorism and facilitating terrorist attack. The Prosecutor’s office asked to sentence the Russians to life imprisonment.