Trump failed in the elections of Republicans in the two States

The preliminary election from the Republican party in the States of Wyoming and Washington billionaire Donald trump has gained 7.2% and 13.8% of the vote respectively, giving their opponents — Senator from Texas Ted Cruz and Senator from Florida Marco Rubio. Relevant data published in The Washington Post.

In Wyoming took first place Ted Cruz, who received 66.3 percent of the vote. In Washington state, won by Marco Rubio. Voted 37.3% of the delegates.

Now in the race for the nomination for the US presidency from the Republican leader Donald trump. On account of his victory in the primary elections in 15 States out of 25, where they had pre-election. The billionaire 460 delegates from 1237 to nominate for the election of the U.S. President from the Republican party.

In second place among Republicans — Senator Ted Cruz. He won in Texas, Oklahoma, Maine, Kansas, Idaho, Iowa, Alaska and 12 March in Wyoming. Third in the race — mark Rubio. On his account while only two victories in Minnesota and Washington.

Among Democrats in the race, leading former U.S. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton. She won the Caucuses and primaries in 13 out of 21 States, where they had pre-election. The Clinton 766 votes of delegates from 2383 necessary. Second place among Democrats is Bernie Sanders from 551 voice.

Following the primaries, the Republicans and the Democrats will be held on March 15 in five States: Illinois, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and Missouri.