DIA spoke about the transfer of money of wealthy Russians in 30 large banks

Scared “mopping up” in the banking market, the Russians have actively transferred their savings from medium-sized banks 30 largest banks, said at the Russian economic and financial forum Deputy head of Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) Andrey Melnikov.

“Basically there leave customers better off looking at major banks as more reliable in terms of cleaning of the banking market”, – said the Deputy head of the DIA (quoted by TASS).

In turn, the Chairman of the Central Bank Mikhail Sukhov noted that the share of medium size banks in the banking market of Russia “brand is proportional to” their available capital.

“Our population trusts to banks deposits of different sizes and we would like to see this trend continued to the deposits in banks have been stable and investors could choose the services that you want to get,” said Sukhov (quoted by RIA “Novosti”).

According to the DIA, by the beginning of March to the Deposit insurance system (DIS) consisted of 838 banks, of which 592 were licensed to work with household deposits. Since the CERs and before March 1, 2016 the right to receive insurance indemnity received more than 5.5 million depositors 308 Russian banks, the total amount of insurance liability DIA rate in 917,6 billion rubles, the total amount of payments made in 882 billion rubles.

From the beginning of 2016, the DIA recognized insurance cases, the revocation of the licences of 16 banks included in the DIS earlier, since the beginning of March 2016 the list of insurance claims added three banks – Ivanovo, AKB “the Action”, St. Petersburg AKB “Banking house” and the Moscow Rosevrobanka. The number of their depositors is not yet named, and insurance reimbursement, the Agency plans to start with the 17-18 March 2016.

Earlier, the head of Sberbank German Gref predicted that in 2016, the license can lose about 10% of Russian banks. The head of Sberbank urged not to blame the Central Bank, noting that the recent efforts of the banking sector “is cleared away from the dead.”

The total amount of insured deposits of Russians in banks of the Russian Federation at the beginning of 2016 was estimated DIA 22,89 trillion rubles, of which about 56 percent were the deposits of less than 1,4 million roubles, the insurance indemnity in the case of the collapse of the Bank, the ACB is paid in full.

By the end of 2016 the total volume of household deposits in banks of Russia, under forecasts ASV, would reach 27 trillion.

“The stakes are quite reduced, but towards the end of the current year we expect the deposits in the banking sector will grow to $ 27 trillion rubles,” – said Melnikov, noting that the good dynamics of deposits in the banking sector will continue next year.

The Chairman of the Central Bank Mikhail Sukhov on Monday also said that the rate of growth of Bank deposits in the Russian Federation in the current year can reach 15%. He also assured that the state will not leave the sphere of financial recovery of banks.

“We hope that we will intervene early and try to restructure the banks in those cases where it is the most economical for the society and can not make the current owner of the Bank”, – said Sukhov, noting that the state’s participation in financial rehabilitation of banks will make it less costly for the society.

In turn, Melnikov stressed that in the history of the DIA was not yet the case when the money from rehabilitation did not return, and in the meantime the Agency will intensify the work on return from abroad of the assets lost licenses of Russian banks.

“Gradually, we in this work leave the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation and are forced to pursue people who have stolen money lenders, on the territory of other States. The most famous is our process of prosecution of mister Pugachev, the former owner of Mezhprombank. We conduct this process in the UK quite successfully. Here in this list soon and other names – other persons involved. Because the return of assets from abroad for us in recent years has become a very important task”, – said Melnikov (quoted by RIA “Novosti”).