For the first time Russia will supply to China food via the Internet

Russia and China plan to create an online platform on that will trade products categories fresh (perishable products with limited shelf life). This was told to the newspaper “Kommersant” a source in the Russian export centre (REC). Information was confirmed by CEO in logistics and services Alexander Vasiliev.

The Memorandum of cooperation is planned to be signed on 15 March during a meeting of Raza CEO Peter Fradkov and President of the international business group Victor Xu. As explained by the publication of the source from the REC, Russian helps sellers with logistics and REC will develop measures to support exporters.

According to Vasiliev, Russia will export to China food products from all regions through the Internet site. This can be a fresh products category. As says the publication, air delivery will help to remove restrictions on their use-by-date.

According to Vasiliev, the cooperation on the export of food occurs for the first time.

The first Russian goods, which were exported for steel headgear Canoe. As told then CEO of Canoe Valery Tuniyants, Russia and China signed a Treaty by which the Chinese site will be selling products Canoe around the world. Thus, on 15 January sent in Finland the first batch of hats for $1 thousand the Delivery of goods from Russia to the border with China provides “Mail of Russia”. was not the first foreign online retailer which is interested in export of Russian goods abroad. In October 2015, China’s largest platform AliExpress beginning to cooperate with the Russian shops. First partners online platform, as written , began about 20 Russian stores. Among them were Wikimart, “Technosila”, and Redmond, L’oreal, Baon.

In early February in China earned the first online marketplace for products from Russia. Organized by the Harbin company “Euthanise”. As was said by the Ministry of economic development, a trading platform is necessary to the Russian producers could sell to the Chinese market of fur products, food products, Handicrafts and hardware.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the December address to the Federal Assembly instructed to create a project office to support “Russian private companies in the field of e-Commerce that Russian goods were exported via the Internet to all countries of the world.” However, the President did not name, about the export of the goods in question, what will be the state and who will be responsible for the sale of goods.

In January he learned that one of the contenders for the orders of the President Ruslan Baisarov — CEO Tuva energy industrial Corporation. He wrote a letter to Putin that would like to create an online platform for sales of Russian goods abroad.