In Russia conducted a study on the Meldonium, a year before his ban

FSUE “anti-Doping center” conducted its own research in respect of Meldonium, which from January 1, 2016 was included in the list are prohibited for use by athletes of drugs. A copy of the results of Russian studies is available.

We are talking about the document entitled “Use of Meldonium (Mildronate) and emoxipin (Mexidol) Russian athletes: a study of prevalence”. It was held from October 2014 to February 2015. The results were presented at the annual seminar of the Institute of doping analysis of the name Manfred Donica the part of the German sports Institute in Cologne (DSHS).

As follows from the document that was analyzed 4316 samples of Russian athletes. In 724 of these (17%) were found traces of Meldonium. On sports the highest percentage of using Meldonium was in Rugby (53%), and lowest in volleyball (4%). Among athletes, the rate was 11%.

“Given the rapid removal of drug from the body (24 hours. —) and its high concentration in the sample collected, one can deduce that Meldonium is used as a pharmacological support of the Russian athletes”, — concluded the experts of FSUE “anti-Doping center” Timothy Sobolewski, Marina Dikunets and their then leader Grigory Rodchenkov.

One of the authors of Russian studies Marina Dikunets, holding the position of acting Director of anti-Doping centre, has confirmed the authenticity of the document. She told me that the Russian anti-Doping centre in respect of Meldonium began after the World anti-doping Agency WADA in 2014 included Mildronate in the monitoring list.

Currently the activities of the Federal state unitary enterprise “Antidoping center” Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA) suspended by decision of the WADA in connection with the identified independent Commission of numerous violations.

Meldonium was included in the WADA list of prohibited substances from January 1, 2016. Since then drug use has already convicted eight Russian athletes. Among them is tennis player Maria Sharapova, skater Ekaterina Bobrova, skater Paul Kulizhnikov, short speed skater semen Elistratov, volleyball player Alexander Markin, biathlete Edward Latypov, the rider of team Katusha’s Eduard Vorganov, and a member of the Russian national short track Ekaterina Konstantinova. Overall in the world in the use of Meldonium were caught 60 athletes.