In the state Duma responded to the statement on the terrorist attack on the plane Kaczynski

“Whom the Minister of defence of Poland announced the suicide pilots and the President of Poland, who independently made decisions and acted wrongly tragic? But to rate it as terrorism, which means to be completely inadequate,” he said.

She compared the words of Mazarevica with “psychological terrorism”. “It is strange, as the Minister of defence can protect the security of citizens, if he makes lesaulnier, taking upon himself the right to unleash an information war that destroys the foundations of trust and security”, — said Yarovaya, expressing the hope that the Polish people “will accept the statement of Anthony Mazarevica as an unfortunate misunderstanding”.

Polish defense Minister called the crash of 2010 on the eve of the attack during a speech at the conference dedicated to solving the problems of armed conflict and terrorism. According to him, this action was intended to deprive Poland of people who “led the country to independence”.

“After Smolensk [crash], we can say that we were <…> the first great victim of terrorism in modern conflict that is played out right before our eyes,” he added.

Earlier this year the authorities of Poland declared readiness to resume the investigation of the crash near Smolensk. Commenting on this, official representative of MFA of Russia Maria Zakharova said: “I hope it’s not connected with politics. This hope is weak, but she remains.”

The accident occurred in April 2010. It killed 96 people including President Kaczynski, his wife, representatives of the high command and the political parties of Poland. According to the report of Interstate aviation Committee, the cause of the crash of the presidential Tu-154 became the incorrect actions of the crew.