In the U.S. police named the three versions of occurrence of injuries on the body of Lesina

American police is considering several versions of the origin of injuries on the body of the ex-press Minister Mikhail Lesin, whose body was found on November 5, in room of Dupont Circle in Washington. Among them — the participation in the fight, the fall, and also the version that each family could get hit by a car. About this newspaper the Washington Post said a senior source in the police of the district of Columbia.

According to the interlocutor of the edition, there is a “real chance” that Lessin was involved in a fight, after which he reached his rooms and died. At the same time, he said, police are considering other versions, including the version that each family could get hit by a car or fall down.

At the same time, the paper emphasizes that while the police have no clear evidence pointing to one of these versions. “We don’t know what happened, said another police source. — We don’t know how he got these injuries”.

Police sources also told the publication that Lesin seemed to be heavily drunk when he entered the bar at the Four Seasons in Georgetown, and the bartender asked him to leave. He took the bottle of alcohol, it was unclear whether he paid for it or not. He then left the hotel, where I rented a room and headed to the hotel Dupont Circle. On recordings from surveillance cameras can be seen as he enters, a little disheveled, but no visible signs of injuries, said another source.

March 10 edition reported that, according to the coroner, Lessin died as a result of “blunt head trauma resulting from forceful impact”. He also had injuries to neck, torso and upper and lower extremities.

The official representative office of forensic medical examination explained to the publication that to get the autopsy results took an unusually long time, because officials were waiting for results of tests for drug substance and conclusions of the peer review measures taken only in difficult cases.

Officially, the D.C. police reported that the investigation is ongoing. In informal conversations representatives recognized that the detectives confused, the newspaper said. The FBI told the newspaper that the Agency is not yet involved in the investigation of this case.

Previously Director Vi Sergey Vasilev who was Lisinym, in an interview to “Kommersant” was told that of Lesina in Washington was a failure, “associated with alcohol”, which at night he left the hotel, where he lived in the neighborhood with friends.

“They tried to stop him, then he left the hotel, where they lived side by side, like before, settled, as I understand it, into the first, where it all happened” — he said.

Vasiliev also admitted that Lesina and earlier were “failures”, when he inadvertently inflicted a serious injury. According to him, we are talking about cases, “when he fell, unwittingly inflicted injuries, including those severe enough”.