Media: the Ministry of construction will be the reliability rating of construction companies in Russia

MOSCOW, March 14. The Ministry of construction and housing utilities of the Russian Federation (Ministry of construction) and all-Russian organization “Business Russia” in April will present new quarterly monitoring of building branch of Russia in which there will be a reliability rating of market participants and their projects. About it today writes the newspaper “Izvestia”.

With such an initiative, already approved by the Ministry of construction, were made by the cochairman of “Business Russia” Andrei Nazarov, sending a letter to the Minister of construction and housing Mikhail Menu. At the moment the issue that Men have personally led the Board of Trustees of the rating.

According to the publication, the monitoring will be called “the Barometer of the construction complex of the Russian Federation” and will keep track about 8 thousand construction sites all over Russia that are still active. The authors of the project hope that it will protect the interests of the Russians, who were victims of scams involving developers, and will identify “pockets of problems” in the industry.

“This is to ensure that entrepreneurs, government officials and ordinary citizens understand which regions have problems, what areas in the construction sector requires support, for example in the field of taxation, financing, in any regions not running loans, where too many problems, bureaucratic obstacles with obtaining initial permits,” the lead “Izvestia” the words Nazarov. He also noted that due to similar problems “construction companies often suffer tremendous losses, go bankrupt, or go to other regions”.

Construction companies will be judged on four categories: the first would be to conclude a comprehensive market analysis (the study of the dynamics of purchasing power, financial sector, construction costs, etc.), the second is the financial analysis of companies, the third – the analysis of business reputation of companies and the fourth is an analysis of the timing of the receipt in different regions of the initial permits. The first rating will be presented at the international Yalta economic forum, which will take place in April.