Putin has urged to toughen punishment for violation of traffic rules

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin supports the further strengthening of responsibility for safety on the roads. He stated this at the state Council Presidium meeting on “road safety Russia” in Yaroslavl, Interfax reports.

“It is clear that a culture [road users] — this is a long process, so it needs to go hand in hand with tougher penalties for the violations”, — said Putin. “We see in practice that these measures helped to solve the problem with the seat belts, made to install in the interior of the car seats for children. As a result of these and other solutions halved the number of deaths in cities and towns,” he added.

However, he noted that the victims “remains, however, is unreasonably high”. Separately Putin has called to increase responsibility for violation of traffic rules on pedestrian crossings and a substantial reduction of those killed and injured in road accidents.

“Still many people are killed at pedestrian crossings. Last year more than a thousand people. I believe that we need to increase the responsibility of drivers for violating the rules at pedestrian crossings”, — said the President.

Putin also condemned the aggressive driving. “The punishment up to deprivation of the rights does not stop speeders. As a result of their irresponsible driving killed innocent people. I believe that it is necessary to submit a plan for a comprehensive, systemic solution to this problem”, — Putin said (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

The government needs to develop a plan for comprehensive and systematic solution of the problems of road safety, he said. He also noted that in the state Duma it is necessary to bring legislation on road safety, and this should be done under the personal responsibility of Ministers, said the head of state.

The President also declared that considers necessary to ensure mass registration of insignificant road accident without involvement of traffic police, insurance companies urged to take measures to prevent the proliferation of fake insurance policies.

In addition, the President did not exclude the transfer of powers to administer fines for traffic violations to regional authorities.

According to Putin, over the last ten years in Russia as a result of an accident killed 350 thousand people, and injured more than 3 million people. The President noted that this figure corresponds to the population “decent enough city”, “the absolute majority of these tragedies were the fault of the drivers.” The increasing number of vehicles, the President called a challenge for those who organize the flow of traffic.