Putin will hold the first meeting of the group on disputes between enforcers and business

The first Kremlin meeting of the working group for cooperation between the security forces and business will be held on March 23, and will the President Vladimir Putin. The results of the discussion he can declare the next day, at the Congress of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RSPP) in Moscow, said sources familiar with the preparations for the meetings business. The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the meeting is being prepared, and the date will be announced later.

On creation of the working group on monitoring of law enforcement in the field of entrepreneurship at the site of the Kremlin, designed to become a mediator in the relationship of power structures and business, Vladimir Putin announced on 15 February at the meeting with the head of RSPP Alexander sechinym. The next day, the head of the presidential administration (AP) Sergei Ivanov said that the group is mandated to lead him and what it will include 11 people. Among them, the head of “Business Russia”, RSPP, Trading-industrial chamber (CCI) and “OPORA Russia”, and on the part of law enforcement agencies — representatives of the state office of public Prosecutor, FSB, the Investigative Committee and the interior Ministry, at the level of Deputy heads or chief deputies. From the AP group would include the presidential aides Andrei Belousov and Larissa Brycheva.

The preparation of the agenda of the first meeting did Andrey Belousov. In the last few weeks he has held a number of meetings with security officials and representatives of business associations, said four people familiar with the preparations for the meeting. Was selected a few questions that relate to the topic of the decriminalization of violations of the business and after the meeting can be given instructions on further development. It is assumed that the main speaker at the meeting will be Sergey Ivanov, said two sources .

That he will discuss with Putin

The working group was formed on February 16 and two days later was detained by the owner of Domodedovo Dmitry Kamenshchik, who were charged in the case of the terrorist attack in Domodedovo airport in January 2011. The new working group immediately appeared a significant reason for discussion. The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov has declared to journalists that at the meeting of the group may be considered the criminal case of the Bricklayer, “if the topic will be raised by representatives of the business community or representatives of law enforcement agencies”. However, three of the interlocutor said that the subject of the arrest was not raised at the preparatory meetings and is not planned to be discussed during the group meeting with participation of the President.

The report will summarize the proposals to change legislation from all business associations, but will be considered only a few questions that were discussed by the business community.

“We believe that we need to work through the issues and submit them as soon as available, meaning including the readiness of our partners from law enforcement and the administration of the President”, — said Shokhin . To disclose the details of these offers he refused, adding, that be submitted to the meeting the issues “most researched”.

The head of “OPORA Russia” Alexander Kalinin confirmed that will participate in the meeting, refusing to disclose details. “Business is waiting to reduce the level of criminal prosecution,” he said.

Contact the head of “Business Russia” Alexey Repik at the time of preparation of the material failed. A representative of the CCI reported that the head of the organization Sergey Katyrin will not participate in the meeting, as it will be on a business trip.

Putin at the first meeting can offer to revisit the issue of increasing thresholds that allow to qualify a criminal offence in the entrepreneurial sphere as a grave. This topic has been raised before the President — on January 20 the all-Russian forum on small business. Then there was a speech about considering the possibility of increasing this threshold to 250 thousand. five-fold differentiation of the extent of damage to individuals and legal entities. “Yes, of course, you need to differentiate, and if we are talking about a large scale — of course, this is not 250 thousand of Course, every five to increase, it is only necessary carefully to figure out what’s what, what amount can relate to, and it is these thresholds can be increased… am Asking my colleagues to consider this question”, — said Putin (quote from kremlin.ru).

The Ministry has already submitted to the government a draft law proposing a number of measures to liberalize criminal legislation in the sphere of entrepreneurial activity. In particular, the project envisages the increase of one and a half times the threshold amount of damage, which is the basis for criminal prosecution, it is connected with change of parameters of economic activities in the country, reported the press Secretary of the head of Department Elena laskina. “The last time the minimum value of the size of the damage caused by crimes in the sphere of economic activity were established in 2010. Thus over time the cumulative turnover of the companies and tax payments grew almost twice”, — she says.

New compositions

In addition, Putin can offer to expand the list of compounds, which fall under the scope of article 76.1 of the criminal code, which spells out the trains on which persons are exempted from criminal responsibility for crimes in the sphere of economic activity if the offence is committed for the first time and the damage compensated. Previously, the business community, including “Business Russia” and the business Ombudsman Boris Titov, has proposed the inclusion of all 22 chapters of the criminal code (crimes in the sphere of economic activity), as well as article 159 (fraud), article 160 (misappropriation or embezzlement) and 165 (causing damage to property by deception or abuse of trust), says the interlocutor of “Business Russia”.

But the Ministry proposes in part 2 of article 76 of the criminal code to include eight new offences, such as illegally obtaining loans to entrepreneurs, the turnover of precious metals and stones, the use of insider information. The bill provides for the expansion of the scope of this article to offences committed by a group of persons or in especially large size in five articles (for example, illegal business, evasion from payment of customs duties, etc.). Also to increase the availability of norms about release from criminal liability under part 2 of article 76.1 of the criminal code multiplicity of the penalty proposed to be downgraded from five times to twice the size of the damage, said laskina. The bill, according to her, agreed with the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia and “generally supported” the attorney General’s office.

Another theme that can be proposed for consideration by Putin, is the resolution on admission to prison to businessmen not only for lawyers but also notaries that will allow to stop attempts of takeover of business when its owner is in jail, says the source. In November 2015 the bill with this proposal submitted to the state Duma the head of the Duma Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Vladimir Pligin and member of the Committee on civil, criminal, arbitration and procedural legislation Rafael Mardanshin (date of the first reading of the bill is yet to be determined).