Sands: the charges of the Polish defence Minister to address Russia allegations

MOSCOW, March 14. Statements of the Polish Minister of defence Anthony Makarevich, who accused Russia of death of Polish President Lech Kaczynski, is unfounded and have nothing to do with reality. The journalists said the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

“In a public sphere is full of this information with reference to our officials, those persons who conducted the investigation, which was engaged in the circumstances of this crash, – said the representative of the Kremlin. – Based on all this, such statements are hardly unfounded, is not objective and has nothing to do with the real circumstances of the tragedy”.

Peskov stressed that the words of the Polish Minister – “it’s a pretty sweeping statement that under a no nothing”. “And we all, including, in the public plane had the opportunity to review the circumstances of this terrible tragedy”, – said the press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation.

Previously, the statement of Makarevich commented official representative of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Vladimir Markin. “In the race for the most ridiculous and stupid statements suddenly appeared a new leader,” wrote Markin in his microblog on Twitter.

In turn, the Chairman of the state Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Irina Yarovaya called the words of the Minister of defence of Poland to be inadequate.

“A product of socialist-Soviet ideas”

Previously, Makarevich called the plane crash in April 2010 near Smolensk “act of terrorism” and terrorism is “a product of socialist-Soviet ideas”. “What happened near Smolensk, was aimed to deprive Poland of leadership that led our people to independence”, – said the Polish Minister.

Crash near Smolensk

April 10, 2010 crash of the Polish presidential plane Tu-154M near Smolensk, killing all 96 passengers were on Board, including the President of the Republic Lech Kaczynski. The investigation into the tragedy continues as the Prosecutor’s office of Poland and the Russian side.