Shoigu told Putin about results of the military operation in Syria

Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu summed up the results of a military operation against Islamists in Syria, which Russia started in the end of September. On Monday, President Vladimir Putin ordered Shoigu from September 15 to start the withdrawal of the main Russian forces.

As told by the Minister at the meeting with Putin, the Syrian troops liberated more than 400 settlements and over 10 thousand sq. km. of territory with the support of Russian aviation.

Shoigu said that during the operation were destroyed, several thousand fighters from Russia.”On the territory of Syria destroyed more than 2 thousand bandits and natives of Russia, including 17 field commanders,” he said (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

The head of the defense Ministry told that the Russian air group destroyed more than 209 objects of oil extracting and refining, as well as more than 2 thousand means of delivery of petroleum products. According to Shoigu, thanks to the actions of aviation was able to block the path of delivery of hydrocarbons from Syria to Turkey. The Minister concluded that the Russian forces were able to completely stop the resource support for the militants.