The Central Bank has noticed a rise in the number of illegal transactions through VIP card

About the letter of the Central Bank, addressed to the banks stating the revitalization schemes of cashing out with the use of premium Bank cards, wrote on Monday the newspaper “Kommersant”, which turned out to be his copy.

The letter, writes back, was sent to the banks in early March. In it, the regulator requires a tougher approach to dealing with clients of premium segment, and also gives a detailed description of recent developments in schemes of cashing out through their card.

This is the so-called radial configuration, where the transit company, the accounts which accumulate money and distribute payment cards of the natural persons the sums from 100 thousand to 3 million rubles within one to three months under the guise of loans, payment of goods and services and so on.

Individuals in turn pass on their card pin numbers “customers”, who travel to ATMs and withdraw cash. However, now that the letter of the Central Bank, the scheme is actively used not only massive, but also premium cards, for which the daily withdrawal limit is much higher (an average of 300-500 thousand rubles as compared to 100 thousand rbl. for ordinary cards).

The regulator offers banks deal with this scheme through immediate disconnection of remote banking service (RBS) for doubtful clients, the ban on re-opening accounts and issuing cards, the funds received by them by rolling mailings, lower limits on premium cards and exclude the possibility of managers making subjective decisions.

Bankers interviewed by the building, recognize that premium cards is one of the most vulnerable from the point of view of illegal cashing of the product.