The Chairman of the Central Bank: profit of Russian banks for January-February amounted to 83 billion rubles.

GENEVA, March 14. Profit of Russian banks for January-February amounted to 83 billion rubles for the quarter, may reach 100 billion rubles, – said the Chairman of the Bank of Russia Mikhail Sukhov.

Difficult year

He also believes that 2016 will be difficult for Russian banks, but the reasons for problematic situations there. He said this to journalists on the sidelines of the Russian economic and financial forum in Switzerland.

“Overall, I think it will be difficult, but there are no serious reasons for problem situations. The year will be difficult, but I believe that to manage banks in a difficult situation, not less responsibly, than to manage them in the period of favourable market conditions”, – he said.

Deductions of banks in Fund of insurance of deposits

Sukhov noted that the landmark contributions of Russian banks in the Deposit insurance Fund in the future can be 10% from the profit sector.

“The level of 10% while restoring profitability will be normal to the profit and payments to the Fund were proportionate”, he said.

To replenish capital

Sukhov said that the Russian banks can replenish their capital funds denominated in the yuan.

Standard LCR

In addition, he noted that the Bank of Russia does not expect significant changes in the ratio of short-term liquidity (LCR) in systemically important banks in March.

“The dramatic changes we do not expect”, – he told, answering an appropriate question.