The contractor “Gazprom” in Sochi was allowed to hire workers from Turkey

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has supplemented the list of companies allowed to hire Turkish citizens after the imposition of special economic measures against the country, follows from the decision published on the official Internet portal of legal information. The list includes LLC “Hazinedaroglu Returncontrols”, which was engaged in the construction of the head office of Yukos and facilities in Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi.

LLC “Hazinedaroglu Returncontrols” controlled by the Turkish company Hazinedaroglu Construction Group, founded in 1971. As noted on the company’s website, in Russia she worked since 1992. Among the company’s clients are Gazprom, for which she was building hotels and sports facilities in Sochi and facilities of the house. Turkish company also built in 1990-ies to the head office of YUKOS oil company in Moscow. In 2014, Forbes wrote that Hazinedaroglu Construction Group was the contractor on the project, billionaire Vladimir Potanin on the creation of a ski resort in Krasnaya Polyana.

From January 1, employers in Russia are prohibited to hire workers from among the citizens of Turkey. List of companies that do not ban is the government. A decree introducing a ban on the recruitment of Turkish citizens as employees, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed in late November 2015. The decree also provided for the introduction of an embargo on the supply of certain types of Turkish goods, the ban on Charter flights between the two countries and the suspension of visa-free regime that has been in place since 2011.

The decree was a response to an incident that occurred near the border of Syria and Turkey on 24 November 2015. Then the Turkish air force shot down a su-24 bomber, was part of the Russian air group in Syria. Killed the captain of the bomber and another Russian serviceman who participated in operation on rescue of crew of the su-24.