The state Duma Committee supported the cancellation of Deputy mandates for dereliction of duty

MOSCOW, March 14. The state Duma Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction recommended the adoption in the first reading the draft law about deprivation of mandates of deputies for systematic failure to perform their duties, including truancy.

The authors of the initiative group of deputies of the faction “Fair Russia” headed by its leader Sergey Mironov.

According to the head of Committee Vladimir Pligin, the bill proposes to amend the law on status of Deputy of the state Duma and Federation Council member. “In the text assumes that the authority can be prematurely terminated by a decision of the State Duma on the initiative of the faction to which they belong, in the case of systematic failure to perform his duties (absenteeism),” – said Pligin.

“The concept is clear, we will support it, but the rules can be adjusted for the second reading”, – concluded the head of the Committee.