The Syrian opposition called a “surprise” conclusion of the Russian military

The Syrian opposition welcomed the decision of Russia about the withdrawal of Russian troops from the country. About it reports Reuters with reference to the Higher Committee on negotiations of the Syrian opposition (WCP).

“If Russia will come to the withdrawal of forces seriously, this will give a strong impetus to peace negotiations”, — said the press-Secretary of the CPSU Salim al-Maslat. He also added that this will put significant pressure on the regime, which was extended thanks to the support from Russia.

One of the rebel groups have expressed concern with Russia’s decision. “I don’t understand the statements of Russia, it’s a surprise, as well as their entry into the war. God protects us,” said Fadi Ahmad, the representative of the “First coast division” – groups within the Free Syrian army.

Reuters earlier reported on the statement of the administration of President Assad, which is confirmed by the agreement with Russia on the withdrawal of Russian troops from the country. It says that Assad and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin during a telephone conversation have agreed on the reduction of the presence of Russian Air-space forces (VKS) in Syria on the background of the cessation of hostilities and in accordance with the situation on the ground. The statement also notes that Russia has promised continued support Syria in combating the terrorism.

President Putin ordered the withdrawal of the main forces of Russia from Syria since 15 March. About he said at a meeting with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.