The Turkish bombers attacked the Kurds in Iraq after the terrorist attack in Ankara

In the bombing were 11 Turkish planes that bombed 18 targets, including ammunition depots and hideouts of militants. According to Anadolu news Agency, the beats, in particular, struck nine aircraft F-16 and two F-4.

The airstrikes were conducted the day after the terrorist attack in Ankara in which, according to the latest information, 37 people were killed and 71 were injured. A car bomb exploded in the Kizilay district which is popular among locals — there are square, shopping center, metro station, bus stop and offices of several banks.

How do I find the TV channel Haberturk, the car was stolen on January 10, the elderly woman in the city of Sanliurfa. On the same day it was brought to Diyarbakir. In Ankara, the vehicle allegedly moved on 26 February.

Officially, the responsibility for the attack on himself would not take any one group, however, the day before Reuters reported that in the terrorist attack suspected the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK) or a related group. Today a source in the security agencies said that the evidence suggests that one of the participants of the attack was a woman, consisting of the PKK. She was born in 1992, she is a native of the city of Kars in Eastern Turkey. To she joined the PKK in 2013. In fact, there is another suspect.

After the attack in Ankara, the Turkish authorities also imposed a curfew in the southeastern part of the city of shirnak. This is done in order to carry out an operation against Kurdish rebels in the area, reports Reuters referring to the statement by the Governor’s office.