Gazprom increased the amount of claims to “Naftogaz”

“Gazprom” has increased the requirements of Naftogaz under the contract of purchase and sale of gas $2,549 billion this Information is sent to the Stockholm international arbitration, informs “Interfax” with reference to press release of Russian company.

The total amount of its requirements with the inclusion of additional requirements — payment of more than $2.5 billion for the remaining volume in the third quarter of 2015 volumes of gas under “take or pay” (take-or-pay) — $31,759 billion In “Gazprom” have reminded that in 2015 the “take and pay” was not applied to Ukrainian companies in the first, second and fourth quarters.

Last year “Gazprom” filed in the Stockholm arbitration the claim about collecting with “Naftogaz” $18.5 billion for arrears of Ukrainian company contracted volumes of gas in 2012-2013, which the Russian company has failed to deliver, however the Ukrainian party was obliged to pay, on a “take or pay”.

In may to this sum was added $8,197 billion, the Head of the Russian company Alexey Miller explained that according to the agreement with Naftogaz from the 1st of November 2014 for five months, “Gazprom” does not impose penalties to Ukraine in the framework of the conditions “take or pay”. “However, there is the period from 1 January 2014 to 31 October 2014, in accordance with the contract, Gazprom needs Ukraine and imposes penalties under “take or pay” in 2014,” — explained Miller.

Total debt of “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, including $200 million for gas supplies in the Donbass, he then estimated at more than $29 billion.

Naftogaz filed a lawsuit against Gazprom in the Stockholm arbitration court in October 2014. Ukrainian company, in particular, demanded compensation in the framework of the 2009 contract with the Russian company in the amount of $3.2 billion for not delivering for the transit of volumes of gas, the interest on that amount, as well as bringing certain provisions of the contract between the gas companies in line with the standards of energy and Antimonopoly legislation of Ukraine and the European Union.

Earlier it became known that “Gazprom” for the first time since the Russian-Ukrainian gas conflict in 2009 has accused “Naftogaz” in “the subsidence of unauthorized gas” on the Ukrainian territory. According to a report in the Russian company for the fourth quarter of last year, on October 16, Gazprom charged the Ukrainian company claim “payment of unauthorized settled on the territory of Ukraine volumes of gas in the amount of $5,861 million.” A statement to this effect was submitted to the Stockholm arbitration. Naftogaz demands Gazprom has called baseless.