I launched from Baikonur satellite refused one of the solar panels

The satellite remote sensing “Resource-P” № 3, running in the night on March 14 from Baikonur cosmodrome, is not fully revealed one of the two panels of solar batteries. RNS about it reported sources in the space industry.

“The operation of the apparatus is not affected, the power on Board is sufficient for achieving targets. In addition, experts do not lose hope to rectify the situation,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

In the “Roskosmos”, the mission control Center, as well as in the RCC “Progress”, which made the satellite, refused to comment on the information, explaining that now experts are studying the situation.

Later information confirmed about the incident in the “Roskosmos”. “After removing fixed incomplete disclosure of one of the solar panels. The systems of the spacecraft receive a supply sufficient for normal operation of volume,” said an official of the Agency (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

Source of “Interfax” in the Russian space industry also confirmed that the satellite did not deploy one of two solar panels. According to him, specialists of the space industry expect to improve the situation in the coming days in the upcoming two dynamic operations with the satellite, associated with its translation from intermediate to operational orbit.

The Agency interlocutor added that in the coming days, the PMU will conduct two maneuver the apparatus on its transfer to operational orbit. “Experts expect that the panel can be opened from dynamic effects that will follow when you turn on the propulsion system”, — he noted.

The source explained that if the second battery and so will not reveal, the possibility of operation of the satellite will be limited.

“Resource-P” was launched into earth orbit by the carrier rocket “Soyuz-2.1 b” the evening of March 13. The satellite was the third in the series “Resource-P”. Together with the previously launched spacecraft “Resource-P” №1 and №2, as well as with the ground points of reception of information it forms a single integrated surveillance system, which, according to Roscosmos, will significantly increase the efficiency of satellite constellation of remote sensing in earth orbit.

It was originally planned that the launch of “Union” with the “Resource-P” will take place on 12 March, however, he was not held by the triggering of automatic cancellation of the launch. As a result, the launch was postponed. It was reported that to determine the cause of the engine shutdown special Commission will be created.