In Belarus detained a second for the last day of a businessman

The arrest in Belarus of the head of the group of companies “triple” Yuri Chizha followed the detention on Monday night of another businessman — the main owner and General Director of group of companies “Servolux” Evgeny Baskin. This was reported citing three sources.

“I do not know that incriminates him. But Baskin is also “closed”, — said one of the sources. The second said that “went to the Ministry of agriculture and food” the day before, where “only in the evening and discussed the problems at Baskin”. “They say, went the way of the Siskin,” said another source.

Familiar Baskin confirmed this information. “But the final decision regarding the measure of restraint, according to my information, has not yet been made,” he said.

The KGB of Belarus for the publication information about the detention Baskin is not confirmed, and the company “Servolux” said that “all is well, factory work normally” and that the leader “is in business trip”. To call a businessman failed.

BelaPAN reported that, in addition to Baskin, was detained several employees of “Servolux”. According to the publication, the detention of the businessman and employees of his company became known Mogilev human rights activist Boris Buhaly. He said that representatives of the company were arrested on the evening of March 14 in Mogilev, where is the Central office of the company. Had been detained by KGB officers from Minsk.

“I was approached by relatives of one of the detainees from asking for help in finding an attorney. They said yesterday detained Baskin and three or four people. All were taken to Minsk. Arrested by the KGB, the machines were with Minsk rooms, said the relatives”, — said bugel.

Relatives of the detained said that KGB officers were allowed Baskin to call their family.

On Friday, March 11, edition of announced the arrest in Belarus of the head of the group of companies “triple” Yuri Chizh, who, according to media reports, included in the closest circle of the President of the country Alexander Lukashenko. Initially, information about an event received from users of the portal. They told me about the “classic “masks-show” in the office “Triple”.

One of the sources claimed, in conversation with that decision was made by Lukashenka and the Siskin “for several months was in disgrace”. Another source is surrounded by the businessman noted that his influence may have “weakened, but not enough to compete for your business, which has more than 20 years.” “Do not jump the gun. Everything will be fine,” he added.

Baskin is included in the Belarusian ranking of the most successful businessmen. In the “Diary” of the ratings entrepreneurs, he ranked sixth.

On its website the company States that “Servolux” — the Belarusian leader “of the agrarian market in poultry segment and rapidly increasing production capacity for animal feed products”. According to “Ezhednevnik”, the company is the eighth largest producer of poultry meat in the CIS.